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The orchid flower is one of the most beautiful additions a garden may have. It is the mark of the caring and expert gardener, a flower that proves that your reliable gardening can get you places. Adding one to your own garden will greatly improve the landscape and will make heads turn in envy. And for all its greatness, the orchid flower is also one of the most capricious things you could grow in the garden. Its different varieties – all 30,000 of them – usually require different treatment and even the change of colour in the leaves could be a sign that it needs attention of some sort.
So how do you grow such a plant in your garden? Read on to find out:

Picking and Planting

Rule of thumb in this situation is to talk to expert gardeners in London or your local florist and ask for advice about the species of orchid you should be growing. You want to start with the less needy variety, one that you could take care of without giving it all that much attention so that you can get used to its habits. It would be also smart to start with a mature plant and observe its behaviour and then do planting. Never start blind, always seek knowledge on all things about reliable gardening.

General Tips on Orchid Care

Since different varieties of orchid require different treatment, you will have to learn about every type yourself. But here are the general rules that apply to pretty much every type of orchid.
• Orchids want light. This type of flower is very light-hungry and requires day- and sunlight, and you should provide it in any way you can. East- and south-exposed windows would be a great place for an orchid as the rest are either too hot or too dark to keep on. Artificial light works as well, especially in the light-lacking winter months.
• Orchids want nutritious soil and air conditioning. Did we mention that orchids are capricious? Well, a lot of the orchids grow from the root, which means they want good and fertilised soil, and then a lot of them grow from the air, which means they want good air conditioning for the leaves. That means avoiding too dry or too humid places to keep them in.
• Orchids require balanced watering. While they do tolerate some draught, you should water them at regular intervals. But don’t overdo it, because what they do not tolerate is excess watering.
• Orchids want solitary potting. Another capricious property of the orchid is their potting requirements. They like to be alone in one pot, and the pot does not need to be that big. Also, they like to be re-potted once every year.

This should be enough information to start your orchid gardening with. The most important thing is to be attentive to the plant and to always know what it needs. A bit of reading up on the type of orchid you have chosen will do you wonders, so you may want to do that as well. Now go on and enjoy your planting and garden care.

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