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How to get rid of cotton mouth: Fast and Easily

Thirsty at night, drink a lot of water but still have the phenomenon of cotton mouth, a sign recognizing what disease? Cotton mouth (cotton mouth) is essentially what disease? Cotton mouth is not treated promptly, okay? Read hereby article to know about the disease and how to get rid of cotton mouth.

What is cotton mouth?

Cotton mouth (xerostomia) is the sum of many manifestations of different diseases, not only from dental problems. This condition is low salivary flow, insufficient moistening the throat and mouth. Thus, the phenomenon of cotton mouth on awakening occurs because the lack of saliva.

Cotton mouth phenomenon can seriously affect the health of patients, such as,

  • Decrease digestion, eat unpalatable, prone to a stomach illness.
  • When not enough saliva to neutralize acid in your mouth, which leads too bad breath and increases the likelihood of cavities.
  • Painful irritation of mouth, throat, blood may run when it comes to laughing or chewing.
  • Mental fatigue, poor skin color pale, ...

Causes of cotton mouth

Up to now, no specific statements about what the illness is cotton mouth, cotton mouth which is understood as pathological manifestations of oral or systemic. To know exactly where you have cotton mouth, you should come by the dental center to conduct a specific examination, go over some causes below for convenience:

- Diseases of the body, such as dehydration, mouth sores, bleeding, urination, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, diabetes, heart failure syndrome, increased blood urea, endocrine disorders, stress, depression, nutritional deficiency, Parkinson's disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, HIV/AIDS, arthritis and Sjogren's syndrome may well be reasons for xerostomia.

- Salivary gland infection: slowly destroys the salivary gland tissue and consequently reduce salivation.

- Due to the use of drugs: Use of antidepressants, sedatives, antibiotics, some antihypertensive drugs, medicines for a migraine (migraine), antiemetics, drugs for Parkinson's disease causes for cotton mouth feeling growing up.

- Due to the chemical treatment: Cottonmouth may occur due to the method of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or wounded in the head or neck. The head or neck injury can affect the nerves that control systema-alimentarium.

- Have a stuffy nose: This is derived from the nasal septum deviated or cold air, due to inflammatory airways leads to mucus plays in the nose too much, clog the passageways of air to the engine nose can lead to cotton mouth.

There's also some causes of cotton mouth are common, such as drinking too much alcohol in the evening may cause the body dehydrated and triggers the feeling parched mouth in the morning. If a long day sleeping, cotton mouth treatment will become much more difficult and you will need advice from a doctor to know how to get rid of cotton mouth.

Signals of cotton mouth

Signs of xerostomia (cotton mouth), primarily in patients as:

- The feeling of discomfort, cotton mouth and throat mucosa, sometimes causing a burning sensation, reduction or loss of taste, particularly on your tongue.

- You'll feel thirsty frequently, difficulty in chewing, swallowing and talking, mouth odor.

- In some patients, halitosis also manifest in symptoms shrink, crack mucosa (especially the lips) and cause bleeding, ulcers in the mouth, fester in the mouth, chapped lips.

- Infection of the oral mucosa is rare and when it occurs due to fungal palate.

How to get rid of cotton mouth effective safest

Notice how oral care

Daily oral care as well as diet also significantly impact a lot to cure cotton mouth.

- Avoid foods that contain sugar or highly acidic because they increase the risk of tooth decay. In the daily menu should have plenty of green vegetables, fresh fruit, meat restrictions, cheese, fat has a strong odor. Should limit caffeine because caffeine can make your mouth dry out more.

- Note brushing with fluoride toothpaste to prevent tooth decay. Do not use mouthwash containing alcohol because alcohol can cause cotton mouth, but instead is gargle with diluted salt water daily to limit inflammation and cleanse the mouth. Note should be cleaned after each brushing the tongue to limit the spread of bacteria and buildup on the blade arrays that cause bad breath.

- Use dental floss regularly to clean teeth after eating

- Keep the mouth wet by occasionally drinking a little water

- If you use denture teeth insert it snugly and daily hygiene very clean

Treatment based on the cause

Cottonmouth thirsty to know what the illness is and what treatments you'll need to visit the doctor's mouth. Depending on the cause of cotton mouth that doctors will have a specific treatment regimen for you after a thorough examination.

- If cotton mouth caused by medication, you need to reduce the dose or use alternative medicine can fix.

- Causes of cotton mouth when the inflammation caused by bacteria with antibiotics, fungal, use fungicides.

- In the case of the reason stems from the salivary gland stones congestion clogging the need for surgery to treat this dental condition.

Some information above hope to give you basic knowledge about the phenomenon of cotton mouth and how to get rid of cotton mouth. Wish you always have a healthy breath!



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