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Coffee has been a darling to human since time immemorial and as expected, it still has a good place in the heart of human due to its fascinating taste, refreshing quality and irresistible aroma as well as the health benefits that it gives to the body. Coffee is loved and taken daily by many irrespective of race, nationality or region. There are many coffee cafes that make great coffee and served to buyers that wish to have as many as he or she pleases or desires however, making your coffee at home or in the office could come handy in saving time while you also enjoy your coffee fast. It is an unverified claim that most people have coffee making devices at home but fail to make use of them solely because they do not know how to make coffees. It is good to note that making your favorite coffee at home is still based on what you want as an individual but this tip will help you make your great coffee at home.

1. Requirements

You can go for either coffee bean or the ground coffee based on your of your choice or favorite. You need a kettle, a thermometer (if your kettle has no cut effect for a predefined temperature point), a cafetiere and spoon for stirring, warm cups. You should go for coffee ground or beans that is your choice because Friedcoffee is a place to know more about coffee beans and coffee makers.

2. Water Boiling Considering Temperature

You must then get a good, clean water and boil using a kettle or heater that automatically cut off at the desired temperature range for your coffee. You may use a thermometer if you do not have such kind of kettle or heater. The required temperature range for coffee of 90 – 96 Celsius. You are at liberty to choose the best point within the range for your coffee. It must be noted that the more the temperature, the more the extraction of coffee from the fried coffee beans or ground.

3. Making the Coffee

Allow the boiled water to settle for half a minute and pour a little amount that can easily be absorbed by the coffee beans or ground in your cafetiere before filling up the cafetiere. Wait for some seconds and then stir and add the plunger to keep it warm. Wait for few minutes and stir again and then pour into a warm cup.

4. Milk Addition

Many people called ‘purists’ love to take their coffee pure without milk but in respect to other people that love to add milk, the addition of milk may alter you water temperature point but if you are adding much of milk, you may need to prepare a cold milk solution and then add to the coffee and stir to mix thoroughly.

In conclusion, making coffee at home and in your office is quite not as difficult as it may seem to be or look following the above steps to the letter.

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