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How can you grow a money plant effectively in your home?

Money plant is one of the popular indoor plants that can be easily found in various homes due to its unique aesthetic appeal and characteristics. It is mostly grown in indoor areas in water. The amazing plant is known to bring good luck, happiness, wealth and prosperity to its owner. The lucky plant is also known by other names such as golden pothos, silver vine, devil’s vine, hunter’s robe, taro vine, Solomon Islands ivy and others. If you are interested in bringing an indoor money-plant to your home, here are the few helpful caring tips for you as mentioned below:

Perfect time for the planting of the money plant- There is no such particular time and weather to plant a money plant in your home. Customers who want to grow money plants in their homes can choose any time and season to plant the lucky plant in a seamless manner.

Select the right place for the positioning of money plant- The amazing indoor plant has the ability to grow effectively in both direct and indirect sunlight. However, you need to avoid the prolonged exposure to the direct sunlight as it can turn the leaves yellow and can even burn them.

Think about the propagation of money plant- The indoor money plant can be easily propagated with the help of stem cuttings for its further expansion. The aesthetic appeal household plant can effortlessly thrive well in soil and water which makes it easily adaptable to changing weather and growing conditions.

Type of fertiliser required for the plant- Although, the money plant does not require regular dose of fertilisers for its proper growth but still a liquid nitrate based feed would be a perfect choice for it. You can add this special fertiliser to this amazing plant in a small amount to ensure its effective growth.

Performing the pruning and trimming of money plant- Regular pruning of the money plant is important to check the growth of this indoor plant as it can achieve great height. If you are not sure about how to prune a lucky plant or money plant, here are the guiding tips for you:

-         First, remove the dead, dry or yellow leaves and branches from the money plant to keep it healthy for a long time. This elimination of dead leaves and branches will prevent the wastage of energy on a dead branch.

-         Cut the tips of the growing branches helps in restricting the growth of money plants after a particular height selected by you and can ensure the growth of new branches and dense foliage.

-         Further, cut down the extra leaves and branches for keeping the indoor plant in appropriate shape. You need to cut about 1/3rd of the plant stem at an angle of 45 degrees for the right pruning activities.

So, choose any lucky plant such as money plant, lucky bamboo plant, money tree plant and others for your home to achieve prosperity, wealth, good luck and well-being.





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