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Homemade Window Cleaner With Lemon & Vinegar

Many people don't like the idea of making their own cleaning detergents, because they think they can't be as effective as the cleaning products offered on the common market. Well, these people are wrong. Green cleaning solutions and products can be just as efficient as the ones from the store, and even more. It all depends on the ingredients you decide to use to create them. Let's take the window cleaning chores for an example. Windows gather all kinds of dirt both from inside and outside. Most of the commercial window cleaning detergents smell badly and only poison the air in the property, while the windows still have smudges and streaks on them. And if you decide to choose a nature friendly and green cleaner, you will notice how the atmosphere in your home will change completely. Here's a nice recipe for a homemade window cleaning detergent with lemon and vinegar, which will help you clean your windows to a perfect condition.

The ingredients. The main problem with store bought glass cleaners is, that they contain ammonia, which is very dangerous for our health, even though it can clean everything. This homemade window cleaner replaces the ammonia with a few equally strong, but natural ingredients, which won't harm the surface of the windows in any way. They also provide long lasting results, if you maintain your home regularly and properly.

So, here's what you'll need:

A clean spray bottle

White vinegar – about half a cup

Lemon juice – about quarter a cup

A non-toxic washing up liquid – 1 teaspoon

Warm water – a little more than half a cup

How to prepare the solution. Mixing this cleaning detergent is actually very simple – you just need to put all the ingredients mentioned above inside a spray bottle and shake it well, until you get them to mix. And the best part is, that you don't have to worry about scratches on your windows, because there are no ingredients in this solution, which might cause it. If you can smell the vinegar when you apply it to the windows, don't worry! The vinegar is a very strong cleaning agent, which dries quickly, and the scent will completely vanish after a few minutes. This will provide your windows the spotless cleaning they need. And the fact that it dries quickly also helps, because this way there won't be any streaks on the surface after you're done cleaning. A very common problem for people with single glazed windows, is mould growth around the window frame. The insulation is not so strong, and with time the constant condensation leads to mould all around your windows. You have nothing to worry about though, because the vinegar is also a natural mould killer, which will not only leave your window surface clean and spotless but will also kill all the toxic mould.

Tips and precautions. Some domestic window cleaning solutions leave some wax build-up, which can't be removed using only vinegar. This is why you have to add one tablespoon of washing up liquid you like. Combined with the vinegar, it will remove all the build-ups on your glass surface.

The lemon juice is added, because it has a very nice and clean scent, which can be used to deodorize the area. It also has very strong degreasing qualities, which can be used to remove stubborn marks on your windows. If you don't like lemons a lot, you can replace them with something else, like eucalyptus oil, or some orange juice for instance. They are also great for removing grease and disinfecting surfaces.

I would personally recommend using a microfibre cloth to clean your windows and any other gentle surface. The squeegees may be effective and specially made to clean windows, but they also leave marks near the window frames. The microfibre cloth will remove almost all kinds of dirt from the surface with ease, and it will prevent dust from settling on your windows for some time. Also, remember to stay safe when cleaning hard to reach windows, many accidents can happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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