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:: HOMEGROWN Fair :: In Our Garden at the Moment :: (Australian Spring)

Oh, what wonderful times in the garden. There are still weeds everywhere, but slowly but surely, we are getting on top of those, and some other projects too. We hope to mulch the pathways soon, but who knows, could be another year before that gets done! It's been 12 months since our PermaBlitz, and though the pile of growing medium out the front has almost been used up, the river pebble and forest mulch are still sitting there! We intended to replace the lawns with mulch immediately, but... anyways. We also intend to use the leftover river pebble to make water diverting trenches from the back of the wicking worm beds overflow pipes, or perhaps a 'creek bed' type effect off our rainwater tank overflow pipe, around the side of the house where the bees will go when we get them! In the mean time, though, plenty of other action going on in the garden...

:: Transplanted the comfrey into the ground and it's going well ::

:: Yay! We are enjoying fresh broad beans again. Just enough to eat fresh this year... ::

:: So excited to see baby apples on our 2 year old apple trees, the Granny Smith - Jonathon, and the Red Fuji ::

:: Lavender under the apple trees... the bees love it! ::

:: Most of my tomato seedlings are planted out now, including this one I *ahem* bought from Bunnings... they have a Diggers Club Selection of tomatoes, and it is very hard to resist, despite that I have about 7 or 8 varieties of tomato seeds in my 'seed bank' as it is... and I said I wasn't going to plant too many different ones this year... argh!! ::

:: Chicory that I presume grew back this year from little segments that got snapped off & stuck in the ground when I harvested them last year... and I didn't end up using the roots for anything anyways! Better eat the greens this year, so at least it's worthwhile ::

:: Corn. Having a much better go at growing corn this year. Love fresh corn! ::

:: Blackcurrants. Not in a very good position, but the bush grows a bit bigger each year. Tart little berries though! ::

:: Chickens play hide... ::

:: ...and seek! ::

:: Baby zuchini... too cute! ::

:: Neglected nectarine that was quite poorly when we bought the house, has got loads and loads of fruit on it this year! It got a large amount of sheep poo dumped under it, and we also did the copper spray again for curly leaf ::

:: Lots and lots of pumpkins in the ground, doing well, as well as delicata squash and spaghetti vegetable again. I'd like to grow some gourds too, maybe next year! ::

:: Heritage Raspberry. I've got a feeling we will not be lacking for raspberries this season! Fingers crossed! ::

:: Potato patch garden bed. It has some surprise potato plants that sprung up from last time I grew taters in there but must have missed a couple. We had bought potatoes that started shooting, so I added those too! I wasn't planning on growing potatoes again. ::

:: These strawberries are not that sweet or nice tasting, but I just let them spread themselves around the ground and make a bit of ground cover, compete against the weeds in that area, and when they inevitably get bugs & grubs in the fruit, I'll throw the chickens a tasty treat! ::

:: Just to show you it's not all glamour in my garden, here is our 'leaf pile' which you can see actually has prunings, branches, vege plants pulled up, some weedy grass clippings, and other stuff that would clog up the compost bin. We intended to mulch it up & then add it, but... anyways! ::

:: Purple King Bean is doing the best out of my bean plants so far ::

:: Trying to propagate my own lavender. I've not done it before but the Easy Organic Gardening book I have makes it sound easy enough. I spent $30 bucks on some organic solution that encourages growth in the roots etc. (as opposed to using the chemical rooting powder you can get), but I figure it will last me ages, and think how much they charge for plants these days... the ones from Bunnings are always pot bound too! Anyone with propagating hints most welcome! ::
:: Kangaroo Apple. Tastes sort of tropical flavour, might be good for jam or sauce, so hoping to put some more in amongst the natives up the top of the front garden ::

:: Some pretty flowers, attracting the bees, covering up the weeds ::

:: You don't belong in my garden! The neighbours cat, who is very friendly, and has been quite interested in our chickens... but it's good to get them used to the cats. We can't stop them coming over the fence. ::
So, that is my garden round up. It's such fun showing off my backyard... what's happening in yours?!

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Comment by HOMEGROWN.org on November 2, 2011 at 4:02pm
These photos are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them! I like getting a peek of spring in Australia as it gets colder and colder here in the Northeast USA!


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