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After making it my New Years resolution to not buy any new clothes for a whole year I decided that making them would not only be fun but would alos help me hone one of my lacking homesteader skills, sewing. I had completed simple sewing projects before and figured a simple pair of cotton shorts should be pretty easy. The tricky parts turned out to be making the pattern (which with help from my all-knowing mother was easier than expected) and figuring out how to sew the (for lack of a better word) crotch. Thank goodness for the internet! One quick video later and we were pounding out pair after pair! Most of the materials used were perviously purchased or vintage from my great grandmother, however the inspiration started when I found the bright purple eggplant material at our local craft store.

Pictures to Follow!

If you would like more information on how I made these comment below :)

Thanks for reading!

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Comment by Jennifer on July 14, 2014 at 8:48am

Hooray for eggplant shorts—and for reusing vintage material! Any chance you'd be willing to share the pattern? If not, or ir it's not easy to do, I'll settle for photos!


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