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Lenovo brand offers for its user's modern laptops at an average price and above average. These laptops are staffed with the latest technology innovations and have newest matching Lenovo drivers.

Laptops of the middle class are the most extensive and rather blurry category. The screen diagonal of such a device can be any. Laptops of this category do not have outstanding performance, video adapter - built-in or discrete low-end series, processor - initial or intermediate level. The case of such laptop computers is usually made of plastic, the design is simple, not stand out. For laptops of the middle class, Windows 7 Home Basic has recently been preinstalled. Lenovo drivers are supplied for this operating system complete with a laptop.

Manufacturers, as a rule, classify middle-class models as office and mainstream-series, sometimes such laptop computers are positioned as "economical notebooks of economy class" or even as "economy class notebook" (in this case a mid-level video card and an inexpensive processor is installed in the laptop). Most of the laptops of the category "replacement desktop" can also be attributed to laptops of the middle class.

Business laptops are designed for business people. According to their technical characteristics, business laptops are almost identical to those of the upper-middle-class laptops and differ from them in a strict and concise design, often with a dock connector, support for TPM protection modules, and the use of more expensive materials. Commonly used components are selected to provide the greatest reliability, even if it slightly infringes functionality or performance.

 Business laptops often fall into the category of subnotebooks (designed primarily for those who often travel on business trips), less often - to the category of "desktop replacement" (for those who do not need to carry a laptop outside the office). Some models are equipped with professional graphics cards Quadro NVS, designed to display information on several external displays (these video adapters are certified for enterprise applications). Lenovo drivers for this video card can be downloaded separately on driverscollection.com

On business notebooks, pre-installed versions of Windows are often not the last, but the time-tested version (at the time of mid-2016, Dell still offers laptops for the Latitude Windows 7 Pro series by default ).

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