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Green Generation of Today: Millennials Health Awareness and Lifestyle

Millennials are people who were born between 1980 and 2000 and they have grown up in a time of big social changes and rapid technological developments. Even though their life may seem easier in comparison to their parents’ since they can now rely on the assistance of numerous gadgets and devices, there are some downsides as well. One can’t help but notice that the Millennials are living in a time of accelerated environment deterioration which has certain consequences on their overall health and well-being. Having this in mind, it’s not surprising that this generation has become increasingly health aware and puts a lot of effort in trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some important data regarding this topic and find out how Millennials have become a green generation of today.

Attitude toward smoking has drastically changed

One of the most obvious characteristics of Millennials is their negative attitude towards smoking. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are all non-smokers, but that the number of people who smoke has significantly decreased over the last two decades. In addition to that, if you compare the data from 1998 stating that 69% of 12th graders disapproved of smoking to the data from 2013 when this number was 83%, you’ll notice a significant difference. The same goes for excessive alcohol consumption and underage drinking. Even though the issues of binge drinking hasn’t been completely rooted out on a global level, Millennials have become aware of it and nowadays there are more and more campaigns whose main aim is to address these and similar issues.

They are a well-informed generation

Another reason why Millennials are called the green generation of today is the fact they are well-informed and well-aware of all the current health risks and environmental changes. Owing to the advanced technology and the rapid development of the Internet, this generation has all the important data at hand and knows how to use this knowledge. Additionally, Millennials tend to utilize numerous fitness and other exercising apps which help them lead a healthy life and provide them with all the necessary information on how to stay in good shape and feel well.

Millennials are much healthier consumers

It seems that the Millennial generation is the first one which puts a lot of emphasis on preventive measures, instead of dealing with the consequences. In other words, instead of just addressing health issues once they occur, Millennials will do everything in their power not to get sick in the first place. Therefore, in order not to overeat in restaurants, the majority of Millennials will opt for smaller portions and count their calorie intake. Considering all of this, it’s not surprising that an increased number of them have started growing their small organic gardens just for their personal use, so that they can be sure that what they eat is healthy and completely natural. On top of that, Millennials don’t shy away from investing money in their health and are ready to pay more for quality foods.

They invest in energy-efficient home solutions

Millennials’ homes can definitely testify of their environmentally-friendly attitude since the majority of them invest in an energy-efficient living space. First of all, they are well-aware that what we do in our home and how much energy we spend on a daily basis seriously affects our environment as well. Therefore, they will always go for refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and other appliances made by Frigidaire or other brands which make sure to provide Energy Star certified products. Furthermore, an increased number of Millennials are discovering all the benefits of LEDs in comparison with the regular incandescent light bulbs. Not only is their lifespan significantly longer, but these lights spend much less energy and don’t emit excessive heat. Even though this can pose a larger initial investment, Millennials are well-aware of the fact that all of this will pay off in the long run.

Physical activity is a must

Sports and different kinds of fitness exercises have been around for a very long time, however, it seems that Millennials find them more important than any other generation ever did. For instance, a huge number of them will make sure to go to the gym at least once to twice a week. Additionally, they have come up with numerous interesting alternatives in order to make exercising more exciting and thus be motivated not to give up easily. So, trampolining, for example, has become one of the favourite alternative recreational activities of this generation. Finally, it seems that younger generation will follow in their footsteps since Millennial parents always make sure to instil healthy life habits into their children and get them interested in sports and other forms of physical activity from an early age.

Renewable energy sources

Finally, the Millennial generation appreciates the use of renewable energy sources and their benefits to the environment. For instance, they’ve started investing in solar panels which can be usually installed on the roof or the backyard and serve to generate electricity to power their home while at the same time reducing their carbon footprint. Finally, Millennials know that only united we can make big changes and preserve the environment, and that’s why they put so much emphasis on these issues and encourage everybody to follow their example.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why Millennials deserve to be called a green generation. They are informed, aware of all the health risks and environmental issues and always do their best to help resolve all of the abovementioned problems. So, if you find their efforts worth following, don’t be afraid to make your small contribution as well and turn out planet into a more beautiful and healthier place to live at.

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