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Today was the day, the mood was right and I finally got round to trying my hand at gluten-free fresh pasta.  Finding a suitable recipe seemed to be the hardest part; an internet search threw up endless possibilities, all with a dazzling array of ingredients (given that I always thought that pasta was so very simple and made of just three ingredients - flour, eggs and water). However, no two recipes seem to be the same, which made it rather difficult to determine which sounded best.  So, I finally settled on one based almost entirely on the fact that it called for ingredients that I actually had available.

As with all these things, it was rather messy with a resultant mountain of dishes in the sink (I should say at this point, that although I cook every day, my kitchen looks as though the home owners have gone abroad for an extended stay - all that is missing are those white dust sheets that one sees servants in movie adaptations of Jane Austin novels throwing over the furniture before the master's carriage has even reached the end of the long driveway - how efficient those servants were!), anyway I digress.

The very first mouthful was a testimony to the fact that this was indeed a truly worthwhile exercise!  Silky smooth pasta dough, with a delicious spinach, ricotta and nutmeg filling, topped with my favourite tomato sauce, fresh parmasen, a twist of freshly ground black pepper and basil from the garden.  I'm pleased that I made the effort to try the challenge from my fellow blogger at http://growitcookitcanit.com and will definitely make fresh pasta again (on this occasion I made something akin to Agnolotti, but had enough dough to make a portion of noodles).  Now, my tummy is full and I'm about ready for an espresso and a piece of dark chocolate to end my sunny Sunday lunch.....if only I had someone to wash up the dishes.

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