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Started seeds on Friday and we're already seeing basil, broccoli and cukes in the minigreenhouse! Oregano and chives are already green and growing in the herb garden, and I planted my salad greens yesterday. Tomorrow we have to go pick up some black liner to help with our weed problem (no matter what we do, daisies invade!) and some chicken wire for the peas and cukes to grow up.

Besides getting the garden going we are gutting our front bathroom, as there was a slow leak that was discovered too late and the flooring was damaged :( For around $100 we can replace the vanity and toilet with white rather than the played out oak cabinet and ecru sink/toilet. I plan to go with an outhouse themed border and blue toned paint.

It looks like not getting the land we were previously looking at may have been a blessing in disguise, as we've decided to downsize our initial home choice. We just don't want to owe anyone anything. Obviously you need a mortgage, but the less the better. We're also looking into wood burning furnaces/stoves, solar power and composting toilets. The codes around these parts are pretty strict, but we will see what we can do ;)

So that's what's going on so far this spring! The beginning of 2010 has been a little rough, but there's always hope when that green breaks the soil!

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