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I know I've been updating you on the garden in the sidebar. But I couldn't help but show you what I've been doing. So here are a bunch of pictures for you to see.

Now, you know why I don't do pictures very often. I really think this is the unfriendliest part of Blogger. :-|

I can never get my pictures to go where I want them. So for this montage I will just keep typing away and let the pictures fall where they will!

So, from my standpoint, we have potatoes in the upper left. This is one of three rows in this garden, then we have a couple more rows in garden #2.

Next over is corn. I guess that is pretty obvious. They always say "knee high by the 4th of July" and I guess mine's made it.

Moving to the right is the beet row. It doesn't look that great. I think that a bunch of seeds got washed away in all the heavy rains. But that's okay. I get another chance in the fall.

Next, on the left, growing up the trellis is the cucumbers. We've already picked one and these plants are loaded. They are also climbing up the other side of the arch.

To the right of that, in the tires, is my 10 year old's tomato plants. I did not want to plow up any more earth so this is his way of being resourceful.

Next on the left is one row of cabbages. I took the row cover off them because it had cabbage moths underneath it! SIGH! Now I have to go out every day and look for little worms.

To the right of the cabbages is the Brussels sprouts. I had to take the row cover off them because they were getting too tall. That is why they look like someone sat on them. I have little sprouts about marble size in there. We are so excited. This is our first try at Brussels.

Then, this last picture is of my tomato row. That's it. I did NOT plant
75 tomato plants this year. Let's see how these do.

This garden measures 25x75 feet. It is the size of my house!
We have another patch in the back with potatoes, zucchini, and
more greens.

What did I not show you? Green beens, bird's egg beans, and peppers.
They just weren't very photogenic. Plus I bet you're tired of my garden by now.

I hope you've enjoyed my show and tell. How is your garden doing?
My husband keeps saying, "This is your best garden yet!" I tell him the proof is in the pudding. Hopefully in a month or so I will be complaining about all the canning and freezing I have to do. Without my daughter--who got a job!


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Comment by Aleah Weltha on June 29, 2011 at 9:35am
That's a beautiful garden!
Comment by Carol J. Alexander on June 29, 2011 at 11:14pm
Thanks, Aleah. I do work hard at it, but we've had a lot of rain, which has helped.


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