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The events of the week have made me appreciate being prepared.  Maybe not prepared for everything but at least the "regular stuff."

On Tuesday I managed to injure my finger pretty badly but my first though wasn't "Where's the first aid kit?" (since mine is well stocked).  My first thought was actually, "I'm so glad I just finish the pie!"  That pie will forever be known as "finger pie" but you can find the recipe at Mary's Kitchen as Cheesecake Freezer Pie (with a delicious layer of chocolate).

So I figured it was time to lay out the essentials of a well stocked First Aid Kit.  I'm not talking about a rinky dink box with a few band-aids.  I'm talking about bloody gash, emergency first aid (plus a few minor scrapes or burns).

Full bottles

-Container:  I used a small suitcase/duffel bag
-Scissors: preferably medical-style with a tilted blade
-Latex gloves in a box or sealed bag
-Rubbing Alcohol
-Anti-Bacterial Ointment
-Medical Tape
-Cotton balls or cosmetic pads
-Q-tips in a sealed bag
-Gauze Pads in multiple sizes
-Band-Aids in multiple sizes (even extra large)
-Maxi Pad or sanitary napkin:  for serious absorbancy (seriously)
-Instant ice pack
-Ace bandage
*If you have babies or small children at home you might need additional items*

Smaller items are stored in blue bag.

I didn't just go out and buy all of these items.  I picked up 1 or 2 here and there with coupons or when they went on sale.  The maxi pads I saved from free samples I ordered.  The peroxide, alcohol and assorted band-aids were purchased at Costco in a multi-pack so I have one under the bathroom sink and 1 in my medical bag.

I choose to keep these items separate from everyday supplies so that in case of a serious injury I'm not left with an empty box or bottle of any of the items.  Also, this is a great item to take along with you if you are a camper since everything is sealed and sanitary

Where is the closest hospital to your home or work?  What is your blood type?  It is very important to have an emergency plan weather you seek professional medical attention or not. 

*Disclaimer: This information is not intended to treat or cure illness or wounds.  If you're not sure, seek professional medical attention*

On a lighter note, I hope you try the pie!  It was delicious!
Happy Friday! 

*August 15th giveaway is still in the works*
Stop by Friday for details!

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