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The weather in October has been less dry, with a few nice storms to cool down the evenings, but no significant rainfall either.  Our water tanks are down to two half full and one full, and our dam is looking very empty.

Gardening in October as been all about the seeds - both planting and saving.  I have saved a crazy amount of tat soi and mizuna, as well as others, so don't be shy, I have plenty more too share or swap if you're interested plz email me (I also still have way too much kefir, so let me know if you want some).  Also see this great link on seed saving.  I'm still harvesting lettuce, broad beans and peas, although the last two are nearly finished and ready to make room for others.  I've planted out the corn, cucumbers, trombocino, soy, pumpking and beans that I started from seed and started some more.  I also planted out the water melons, and the chickens got in and destroyed them AGAIN, lucky I had started some more seeds already, ha chickens, you will not win this year!  My mum helped me plant carrots and radish in the same row a couple of weeks ago and they have popped up already.  The plan is to harvest the radishes and make more room for the carrots, saves thinning as many carrots.  I've also potted up all the tomatoes I started from seed.  I was being very good about keeping records of which was which until I potted them up, then I found out and determinate vs indeterminate and how you need to pinch the laterals of only the second one, and I have a mix of both and no idea which is which now, so that will be interesting!

Read more about out chickens and cattle on the rest of the blog post here.....


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Comment by Jennifer on November 2, 2012 at 9:40am

Hi, Liz. What an awesome offer—and so in the spirit of HOMEGROWN! I just made this post the "Daily Bite" for today at the very top of the homepage to give it a little more visibility. Thanks for posting—and thanks for being such an awesome, and generous, new member of the community!

Comment by Farmer Liz on November 4, 2012 at 12:46am
Thanks! I'm honoured :) I hope I get some takers, I have so much seed!


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