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Essential oils are the term used for organic oils extracted from plants. Such essential oils are mainly rich in healing properties and other health benefits.  These oils are acquired by the distillation process from various parts of plants like bark, roots, stems, flowers as well as roots. These compounds are highly concentrated and mainly used for healing or therapeutic benefits. These oils have molecular components which are absorbed by tiny pores in our skin, and it shows incredible effects on our body.  If you are looking for good essential oils, there is no place better than Goodness Me!

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How to use Essential Oil?

There are various ways to use essential oils but the question which oil you are looking to and why you want to use it. Experts usually recommend breathing oil through your nose. Just open the cap, hold the bottle of oil and breathe in through your nostrils. There are various other ways of using essential oils like diluting and diffusing oils. So here we will see how to dilute and diffuse oils for your skin. Along with that, get to know more about by following the essential oil guide.

Essential oils are most active on skins, but you should learn the right way to use it. Oils have fats with various health benefits which are soluble on your skin, so it is better to use as prescribed, rubbing the thick oils in your skin is not as effective as you think. These are few oils with excellent benefits:

  • Sunflower
  • Grape Seed
  • Avocado
  • Coconut
  • Jojoba
  • almond

The process to Diluting Essential Oils

Most of the cases, one drop of essential oil is enough for a single spoon of the carrier oil. It depends on how the powerful or weak combination of oil you need so better prefer Essential oil usage chart before making a mixture. Once you have diluted the oil, rub it in your skin like arms, feet, foot, wrists and chest as well.

The process of Diffusing Essential Oils

Many people are not aware of the diffusing essential oil process. It means to diffuse essential oil in the air so you can breathe it. There are various ways to diffuse essential, while the best way is to use a diffuser for this purpose.


You will find best diffusers online, all you need to do is put oil and water. Then the diffusers would turn them into micro particles and spread all over the air. Let’s have a look at some of the best essential oils and their features as well as recipes.



  • It helps in stress reduction
  • Works as Disinfectant
  • Aids in the Digestion process
  • It has a perfect fragrance and even used as Deodorizers.

Recipe of Bergamot Oil

You can use it to prepare Earl Grey Tea, therapeutic-grade bergamot drop will give your tea an Earl Grey tea Flavor.

Dilute bergamot oil in coconut oil, and it will be beneficial to use it for a foot massage.


  • It helps in better Sleep experience.
  • Works as a remedy for various skin disorders.
  • It has antioxidant which helps to combat cancer.


It is a perfect home remedy for Sunburn, add ten drops of Chamomile oil to 5 tablespoons of coconut oil then apply to natural sunburn part for a quick heal.

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