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Huh. I just realized I had a blog here! Bad me -I've been a member how long now?

So, it's January. I'm contemplating ways, means, and the ever popular "Do I have enough energy for this?" of the plotting out, building up, and prepping of the garden. Being as, for some weird reason, it is 60=something in January, in Kansas, and therefore good weather for doing so. (I am firmly of the belief, incidentally, that there will be a blizzard in July to make up for this.)

Probably what I will do this afternoon is lay out the cardboard piled in the back of my truck (works great to keep the weeds down), and rake out the last few dry weeds. And possibly see if my compost pile is compost beneath the top few layers yet. It's been there long enough forsomethingto have happened under there...

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Comment by Cornelia on January 10, 2012 at 3:55pm

Hi Jana - welcome to the fray! :0 There's nothing like getting out in the dirt, is there? Those loamy, earthy, wormy smells are such a treat in January!


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