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Hi, from rural France. I am a Brit mother of 3 living in an old French farmhouse. i have been learning my way through orchard keeping and growing fruit and vegetables over the last 10 years but have just embarked on my first livestock adventure. With 5 supposedly egg-laying chickens purchased and installed 10 days ago in their brand new coop with, supposedly, all the amenities they require i have been looking forward to my first rich yolky rewards....but i am still waiting. Advised by the "farm woman" i bought them from to keep them in for a few days before letting them roam free range and not to expect eggs in the first day or 2 I duly obeyed and tried to suspend the egg-heavy recipe list. But, I am still waiting! Chickens seem happy enough - eat well (mixed grain feed with oyster shell and lots of grubbing about in our large garden), drink well (well, i don't know how to measure what well is but they have plenty and its fresh every day) and they seem to be happy - no real pecking incidents and lots of pleasant garden meanderings, always working their way towards their coop at dusk to be put to bed (HOW DO THEY DO THAT?) so what is going wrong please? In terms of chicken type, they are very basic types with no fancy leg feathers etc and were variously described as a "red" (though she's brown) a white "Sussex" and 3 "blacks" although they are clearly hybrids with one black and brown and the other a lovely black and grey.  So please Egxperts out there, what am i doing wrong????

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Comment by Jenna Beaulieu on August 25, 2012 at 8:05am

Hi Lisa! I don't have any chickens myself, but I follow another Jenna on her blog Cold Antler Farm. She's an incredible farmer and has actually written a book about chickens for beginners. Maybe if you contact her, she might be able to help you?

Hope you see some eggs soon!


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