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As I'd said in my last post, I'd been looking around a lot at different options for the future. Thinking about what I truly need, and I can do without. In reality, I really pretty much live 80% of my indoors time in this bedroom with attached bath (about 12x10, 5x7 bath). We've got a 32" TV, Roku player, laptop, books, etc in here. Otherwise, we cook, eat dinner at the table, and generally come right back in here! We've also got completely useless vaulted ceilings as well...

BUT, that said, there are times I will need a larger work area. I don't think I've mentioned it before, but I like to draw and paint, and occasionally am tasked with making Renaissance Fest or Halloween costumes, home decor items or custom clothing etc. I actually studied fine and graphic arts during my stint in college. I've always thought it'd be nice to have my own art studio. So I got to thinking...

The design I modeled this after is passively heated from the south facing window/walls, which I'd build using recycled sliding patio doors. Everything, in fact, would be reused/recycled/reclaimed or already owned. Reclaimed kitchen cabinets for storage and cutting surface. Pegboard for vertical storage... The non-toxic metal roof might be a challenge to obtain second hand, though...

There is really no need for an outbuilding near the main house to have a bathroom, and definitely no need for a kitchen. The only real resources I'd need is water and electricity.  Water, that could be easily taken care of by a rain catchment barrel equipped with a screen (to keep out the bugs and leaves) and a shallow dish tub. Electricity, a couple solar panels should easily cover my needs (2 bright lamps and a sewing machine).

So anyhow, I was just messing around and got this down on paper while it was fresh! (NOTE: The horrendous 4th grade looking chicken scratch seen here is in no way a true reflection of my creative talents! LOL) I thought if you put a deck on the front, at some point a reclaimed pull-out RV awning would be a nice addition for some outdoor work space...

So it's not exactly "homegrown" per se, although it's definitely a great place to start a homestead business, in my opinion LOL I actually have had an Etsy for quite some time, just haven't put up any goods there yet...

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