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Eco-Friendly Lighting Options for Your Home

When it comes to turning your home greener, light is probably the first aspect you consider. First of all, it is present all over your household and it is one of the items that not a lot of people pay attention to when examining their power bill. Luckily, it is also one aspect where you can make a lot of difference with very little effort and money invested. With this in mind, here are five eco-friendly suggestions for your home’s lighting system.

Change the bulb

The first thing you need to do in order to make your home greener is to change the light bulb you are currently using. Instead of an incandescent light bulb, you might want to consider switching to an LED bulb which has a much more favorable watt-to-lumen ratio. According to charts, in order to produce the light of the 600 lm intensity, you either need to use a 40 W incandescent bulb or a 10 W LED one. The eco-friendlier choice is more than obvious. Apart from this, LED bulbs last much longer, which, in turn, means that you are also reducing the amount of waste that your home is producing on an annual basis.

Utilize natural light

Another idea that is worth pursuing is the greater use of natural light within your household. Apart from being great for the mental health of all inhabitants, your home’s natural light doesn’t add to your power bill. Still, in order to utilize natural light, you need to become very adaptable. First, you need to think about the way to increase the influx of light within your home with mirrors and reflective wall-surfaces. Second, you need to find a way to dim the light, if need be. For the last option, you can’t go wrong with curtains, blinders or even retractable awnings on the exterior above the windows.

Make sure your electric grid is in perfect order

While it is true that you shouldn’t call an electrician for every minor inconvenience that happens in your home, sometimes, you might have a flaw that is both a hazard and a power-leak. In a situation where you notice that something is off, even a situation where your other appliances are misbehaving, you might want to contact your emergency electrician to do an inspection. If you have faulty wiring, not even a perfect lighting system will be able to do you much good.

Turn to fiery solutions

As for the alternative methods of illuminating your living space, you can always turn to something a bit fiery. When it comes your home, you might want to give candles a try every now and then. This is especially great for romantic occasions. Some people are worried about the carbon footprint of such a practice but certain types of candle wax can indeed be considered eco-friendly. As for the wick used in a candle, make sure that it doesn’t contain lead or zinc. What you want is clean cotton, seeing as how fumes from such a candle are the least hazardous of the bunch.

Solar landscape lighting

Finally, in order to provide adequate lighting for your outdoors, you might want to go with solar LED landscape lights. The name of this ingenious solution tells you all you need to know about it. First, it is powered by the solar energy, which reduces the carbon footprint of your home and second, it is based on the above-discussed LED technology, which also keeps their power-consumption quite low.


At the end of the day, this is not all you can do to make your home’s lighting situation greener. A lot can be said about power-saving habits like turning your lights off when you don’t need them or every time you exit the room. One of the ways this can be solved through technology is by installing a smart lighting system in your home, yet this requires more resources than a lot of people are willing to invest. Fortunately, the above-listed five are, on their own, more than capable of making a difference.

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