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Earths Tongue Reviews Ships First-Rate Mushroom Spore Prints And Spore Solution

The inception of Earth’s Tongue in 1999 initiated the production of high quality spore solution and prints of edible as well as medicinal varieties of mushrooms. The company is situated in the San Antonio region of Texas. The establishment of this company has advanced research in the field of mycology as they have fine quality spore prints which are available for research study. The quality of the cultured mushroom spore is unbeatable and can be shipped to any part of the world in a completely sterile package.

Commercial growth of edible types of mushrooms is possible by cultivating the spore solution manufactured by Earth’s Tongue. In the unfortunate scenario where the shipped spore solution after undergoing cultivation doesn’t germinate then the client can ask for a refund or replacement. Earth’s Tongue will review the problem and will do the needful in such situations. The Earth’s Tongue reviews bears testimony to the fact that no such mishaps have occurred till date.

The goal of Earth’s Tongue with regard to mycology is to provide viable and superior spores of mushrooms. In order to achieve that goal they have a fully equipped laboratory for conducting methodical research. For those who are desirous of cultivating mushrooms, Earth’s Tongue is the perfect place to procure everything for that purpose. Here a client can obtain each and every element and equipment required for commercial cultivation. From machines to compost everything is available in the product inventory of Earth’s Tongue which places them far above other organizations.

Since the primary aim of Earth’s Tongue is to ensure quality in every possible manner therefore their inventions are suitably designed to fulfill their prime aim. The ‘New Moon’ solution is specially prepared to discourage the growth of adulterants in the solution therefore spores kept in this solution is completely germ free. Such spores which have been cultured carefully and preserved meticulously will definitely yield good results upon cultivation. One of the latest inventions of Earth’s Tongue is ‘Deep Freeze’. This is a scientifically tested solution for freezing spores for about six years. The fluctuations in temperature especially high temperatures tend to destroy the mushroom spores. This liquid medium will maintain the optimum temperature required for keeping the mushroom spores in a frozen state but without affecting the quality of the spores. This spore solution will enable any customer to retain the spores for a long span of time without fretting about the changing weather conditions.

About Earth’s Tongue: Earths Tongue Reviews is a mycology research institute situated at San Antonio, Texas which began its humble journey in 1999. It has gained a lot of renown as a patented producer and supplier of mushroom spores. The patented products have been scientifically tested and classified under two broad categories which are spore prints for analytical research and edible spore cultures for cultivation. The rules regarding shipping of spore prints are stringent so as to prevent any illegal activity.


Contact Information:

PO Box 460553

San Antonio Texas, 78246-0553

Phone: 210-772-3336
Email: support@Earth’sTongue.com










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