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Earths Tongue Reviews - Grow Mushrooms To Boost Your Food Business With More Profit

A really good way to increase your profit percentage in your food business, while you invest less, is by growing your own mushrooms. This is actually a great way that you can make some more money, and improves the quality of the food you supply through fresh stock of mushrooms which you add to any dish.

Why growing mushrooms is more profitable

When you get the mushrooms from the local market, you don’t know how fresh they are, and can only judge by the colors. But when you get them from your own kitchen garden, you know how old or fresh they are. In the market without even knowing the quality, the safety of the strain, the real quality etc, you simply buy them at what price they ask, and sometimes haggling works while sometimes it doesn’t. This means you pay the price for the items without even knowing the quality, and yet you pay high at the end of the day for a limited quantity. How much do you think you can profit by selling that?

Now just consider cultivating mushrooms by buying the culture kit, compost, sterilized spores and all, and doing it all without much effort. You would be producing a lot of mushrooms really soon, and the produce would be fresh, from the best strains, and the most hygienic for you. Your investment is only on the kit, that too for the first time. And here when you use them on the food products, and sell them, you actually can make more than double the profit you did earlier.

This shows how profitable it is to produce your own mushrooms in your garden. A food business which is dependent on mushrooms quite a lot, can flourish in just days, when you set the price right, and give in only this little effort in producing the mushrooms. All you will have to make sure is that you buy the mushroom from a reputed place like Earths Tongue, and that too, after reading the Earths Tongue reviews and understanding all about it.

How to produce mushroom if you don’t have much space

There is a huge different between cultivating mushrooms and making a mango or apple orchard. Here you are not growing trees in a garden. These are just clean and fresh mushrooms, which just needs the right compost to grow, and only as much space as a big 2 ft by 2 ft tray or so. Definitely the more space you give in, the better and more would be the produce. But if you really have limited space, you may also produce mushrooms in a rack where you place the trays one above the other with little gap in between, like some half a foot for the mushrooms to grow and get the air. That is all you need to grow the freshest of mushrooms of your choice, and make more money.

To start with you may watch some mushroom growing videos to gain confidence that even a kid can do it and then you may order your so very affordable spore kit to start with it.


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