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Earths Tongue Reviews - Easiest And Healthiest Way To Grow Mushrooms

Mushroom cultivation has become a trend as hobby or even as a profession. Growing up mushrooms may become difficult sometimes as it needs proper techniques, preferable weather, sufficient equipments and lots of caring. Earth’s tongue is mostly popular for its specialization in high quality mushroom spores and cultivation of mushrooms. Earth’s Tongue review shows that if a person follows some prescribed methods and use certain tools the cultivation of mushrooms are never been easier. According to Earth’s Tongue review, there are different types of techniques they follow during the process.

 Let us give you a hint how they function:

  • Spawning technique with rye berries-
    • In this technique basically they need to pluck out the rye berries from the jars with sharp knife. Then they mix the spawning with the rye berries. While doing this they pack the bags air tight to make it free from contamination. They let it be in a dark place for a long time and they case soil. This includes for more attention and methods used by them.
    • Casing the mushroom techniques-
      • In this method they use sterilized plastic bottles, rye berries and rice cakes. They don’t let the mycelium damage while breaking the berries. They pad down the casing soil and let it be in dark place at room temperature. After a week mycelium white blotches may be seen on the soil…
      •  Pan cake technique
        • They use foil in this process. They break up the colonized substrate. They also use sterilized mixture on top of the layer. They cover the foil tightly and keep it in 75-80 degree Fahrenheit temperature…
        • Giant size pan cake method
          • In this case the container has to be 6 inches deep. They put different layers of soil, chopped wood saw dust, compost etc. They also guide people not to use ‘mushroom compost’…
          • Inoculating plants
            • They use a portion of the plant container, scoop out some dust and soil and fill up the space with substrate which then has to be covered at least 1 inch with dust and soil…
            • Poor man’s terrarium
              • They take 3 liter bottles and tough gloves as necessary equipments. Then they soak the partite in hydrogen to set the bottom of the bottle. Then they put colonized cakes as a layer. Tight the bottle and let it stay away from direct sunlight. The humidity can be controlled by the pulling up or pushing up of the upper lid.

Earth’s tongue can also help us to have some basic ideas about growing mushrooms which we must know before coming to the process of cultivation.

Few basic things we must know:

  • Inoculating them in a jar
  • Grow chamber set up
  • Exchange of air
  • Humidification
  • Birthday cakes
  • Preserving and dying
  • Picking up mushrooms

Earth’s Tongue provides people with mushroom cultivation equipments which are ecologically good.

Here are some lists of things that they feature:

  • Edible mushroom and medicinal mushrooms growing tools
  • Jars which are pre-sterilized
  • Substrates and mycobags
  • Liquid kits which are sterilized
  • Mycology tools for laboratory
  • Microscopes
  • Woods, additives, grains, and seeds
  • Bags, lids and filters which are autoclavable

Based on Earth’s Tongue review, there are more mentionable things that one must know. Besides providing aforementioned equipments, people may also purchase t-shirts, immunity products, stickers and other accessories. The products they supply are excellent as they check the PH balance, sterilization of the kits. Each kit contains the detailed instructions having step by step pictures, and one free spore syringe. Earth’s tongue is famous all around the world for it contamination free mushroom spores. Their own production of syringe called- “new moon spores” act as resistant to contamination. Their high quality mushrooms are being used in medicinal cases and gourmet. They guarantee the excellent service provide to people.

Author :

The writer is an expert in the field of Earths Tongue Reviews. For more information visit Earths Tongue.

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