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Earths Tongue Reviews - A Quick Note On Earth’s Tongue And Its Products

Are you thinking of growing mushrooms for your restaurant or planning to start a business of mushroom growing? If your answer is an affirmative one, you would need best quality mushroom spores and grow kits to ensure that you produce genetically superior mushrooms which would be the best amongst the ones available in the market. Going through the Earths Tongue reviews will confirm that when it comes to spores and other requisites of mushroom growing, there is hardly an alternative to this spore supplier who has the credit of being the world’s only supplier that sells proprietary patented products for the last 17 years.

Products offered

There is nothing that is needed for growing best and varied quality mushrooms and is not available with Earth’s tongue. If god had created the universe, they have created their own universe of mushroom growing products and requisites. The products that they offer to their customers include the following:

  • Mushroom spores that can used for microscopic studies
  • Medicinal and edible cultures
  • Mushroom grow kits which comprises of various items like pre-sterilized jars for storing the spores and strains, bulk substrates and mycobags, Agar media and sterilized liquid culture kits, and obviously edible and medicinal mushroom grow kits
  • Various mushroom growing tools that include lab tools required for mycology, microscopes of various types, seeds, grains, woods and several types of additives, autoclavable gusseted bags, autoclavable filter leads and seals
  • Castings soils and composts

Apart from the essential required for growing mushrooms, the company also sells various accessories as a part of brand promotion. These accessories include Earth Tongue’s apparels, stickers etc.

What makes them special?

With state of the art laboratory, lab equipment, filtrations systems and implementation of latest techniques, Earth’s tongue is one of those spore suppliers who are committed to bring a revolution in the industry of mushroom growing. Quality of their products is unquestionable, their prices are unmatchable, their prompt services are impeccable and their intent to deliver the best to their customer is unimaginable. With amazing fast shipping process, they can deliver ordered products much faster than any of their counterparts in the industry.

Going through earths tongue reviews will confirm that to ensure that they keep on adding new products to their already enviable long list of inventory, the team of Earth’s tongue continuously hunts for new species in different countries. They take the challenge of doing everything possible to ensure that they succeed in their expeditions of finding something new for their customers. They face the elements, they take the hassle of crossing geographical boundaries, and they do every possible thing to get the best for their customers, such is their diligence and sincerity towards delivering the best.

While their products are used for several medicinal researches, they ensure that toxic products are not sold to anyone who is not old enough to handle them. Their safety and security standards are of the best quality and they do every possible bit to uphold their values in this regard as well.


The writer is an expert in the field of Earths Tongue reviews. For more information visit Earths Tongue .

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