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Earth’s Tongue reviews - Procuring Mushroom Spores Of The Finest Quality

Earth’s Tongue is a reputed company which was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1999. It has earned a lot of renown by providing customers with high yielding mushroom spore solution meant for cultivation and also prints and solutions of rare and medicinal species for mycology research institutes. Their flawless service is verifiable from the Earth’s Tongue reviews given by satisfied clients.

The mushroom spores are observed and tested by the scientific team of Earth’s Tongue before initiating the sale of that species. The application of scientific technology at all levels facilitates the proper segregation of different strains of mushrooms. The culturing procedure involves the multiplication of the spores in a controlled manner under aseptic conditions. The multiplied spores are then divided into batches of 10cc or 20cc solutions and filled in syringes. The entire process is conducted under the close inspection of an expert team so as to avoid contamination at any stage. The dedication and zealous nature of the members of this organization is apparent from the outdoor expeditions they undertake for seeking out new species of mushrooms.

Purchasable spore prints and spore solutions

Cultivable types of mushrooms are usually available in the form of a spore solution while spore prints are made for the medicinal and rare types which are to be used only for research. Depending upon one’s requirements one can browse through the vast array of mushroom spores or spore prints and then place the order accordingly. The exotic looking edible mushrooms can easily be cultivated in one’s personal garden or for commercial production. Spore solutions of notable species are available and some of these are enlisted below:

  • Psilocybe-Cubensis: 20cc spore syringes and spore prints of this species is only shipped to research laboratories. No spore prints of this species are advertised for commercial sale. In order to prohibit unlawful cultivation the institute has set strict criteria regarding the delivery of these spore prints.
  • Edible mushroom spores: Mushroom spores of Cinnamon Cap, Golden Oyster, Blue oyster, Italian Oyster, Maitake, Enokitake etc are available which are ideal for making any tasty platter.

Different kinds of equipments and products manufactured by Earth’s Tongue

Apart from spore prints and spore solutions Earth’s Tongue also manufactures products required for aiding the process of cultivation and research, a few categories of such products are mentioned below:

  • Peripherals required for cultivation of mushroom spores: Sterile kits which are completely clean are given along with the spore solution. There is a wide range of kits available which are suitable for different purposes. When these kits are used for spore cultivation one can view the quick and proper growth of the spores into mushrooms. Jars, substrates, mycobags, agar media etc. are available in the category of cultivation kits.
  • Machines used in laboratory for observing spore prints: Mushroom spore prints are sold only to particular clients who are actively associated with a research institute. The sale of useful laboratory apparatus which is needed for scientific investigation and study is done by Earth’s Tongue. Under this category one can find seals, filter leads, microscopes, blower, filter replacement, desiccants, autoclavable gusseted bags etc.
  • Compost which has been enriched with particular nutrients for aiding the rapid growth of mushroom spores is also available.


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