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Earth's Tongue Makes Mushroom Cultivation Fast, Easy and Profitable with high quality Mushroom Spores and Mushroom Cultures

Your search for high quality and nutritious mushrooms ends with Earth's Tongue, LLC.  We offer 20 ml spore syringes which are free from contamination and ensure the best results. With us one can get mushrooms for cooking a variety of cuisines as well as medicinal purposes. The reason why we have been able to master the skill of developing mushrooms of vast varieties with guaranteed results is the availability of advanced laboratory culturing tools. We emphasize on research and take great care in developing our mushroom growing kits. The sterilized mushroom substrates we offer ensure good results.

We make it extremely easy for our customers to enter the business of mushroom growing and realize excellent profits. Our aim is to provide complete solution for those who want to earn money through mushroom farming. There is no need for a large space to make the compost for farming as we provide Mushroom Spawn Bags with Filter. With this a large part of the work is already covered and the entire process becomes hassle free. Even the first timers can grow mushrooms and ensure a good return on their investment as we provide complete information in the form written information, pictures and CDs. All this is included in the mushroom growing kit and there is no need to pay extra money for it.

All you need to do is take the kit and implement the process. Each and every constituent of the growing kit is mixed, sterilized and PH balanced. With our readymade kits, the process of mushroom cultivation is not only become easy but also fast. Depending on the type of mushroom you want to grow, there is option for you to choose the kit. If you are planning to start mushroom cultivation, you can make a decision based on your client’s demand. However, if you are already into mushroom cultivation and have not ventured into growing new stains, you can start with our excellent and result oriented kits.

At Earth's Tongue we make sure to offer you with variety. We collect mushroom spores from different corners of the world. You can expect to have all types of popular strains with us. If you wish to supply mushrooms for medicinal and research purposes Earth's Tongue can provide you with all desirable types. Rare and expensive mushrooms to popular and less expensive ones can be obtained as well. If there is demand for a strain of mushroom we have the same available. Just place you demand and we will supply the kit with all basic supplies.

Our home grown and research based product "New Moon Spores" is the only freezable and heat resistant product. The experienced cultivators can select from our range of new and advanced laboratory tools for mushroom spawn makingand mushroom culturing. We understand the changing demands of the market and continuously work in the direction to provide items that will help our customers to make their business more demand oriented and profitable. In addition to this, we are also proud sellers of unsterilized seeds and grains which you may want to include for expanding your business.



Contact information

Phone: 210-772-336

Email: support@earthstongue.com

Address: PO Box 460553

San Antonio Texas, 78246-0553






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