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Earth Day Celebration Harvest Recipe: Basil

Originally Posted at Mary's Kitchen:

There are so many terrific recipes that include basil from sauces to salads and even bread.  I chose Basil for Earth Day because it is easy to grow, doesn't take up much space and is very versatile.  I'm including several recipes with Basil.

Basil Infused Oil
#1.  There are a variety of different methods to infusing oil with basil. Probably the easiest and most traditional method simply entails putting the oil in any kind of container, probably most easily in a clear bottle along with the basil herbs. From here the container should be kept in a room temperature environment for any period of time whether it be a few hours to a few weeks. The container can even be left out in the sun, as this accelerates the infusion process.

For more basil recipes:

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