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Divide Your Sales Territory Into Primary & Secondary Markets - Use a Different Door Hanger in Each

Door hanger advertising offers many strategic advantages which are often overlooked. Because you are picking the distribution areas, you will find the ability to target exactly where you wish to prospect for new business.


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For additional effective results, divide your market into two territories: 

1- Most of your market, where the majority of the residents know about your company and supply nearly all your everyday sales. (normally the homes closest to your retail location) 

2- Another market, a place that you do not see much traffic. Perhaps this secondary marketplace is just a little further away or includes a strong competitor servicing it. Largest, you think there's a possibility of new business. 

Now that you've got two separate markets, create a door hanger specifically for each market. 

You primary market contains your loyal customers which offer the majority of profits. Do not take them for granted. Retain in front of them and remind them why that they like your products or service. Reward them with new offerings and discounts. Spend nearly all your door hanger advertising budget about this group. 

The secondary market provides an opportunity to grow your business. Become more aggressive with your special deals. Give this group grounds to visit further in order to experiment with a brand new supplier. Don't measure the success of the door hanger campaign by every individual transaction. Remember, should you just break even or even lose a bit on every new sale, you're getting a shot in a new customer. Appraise the worth of every new customer on which he'll spend in the future, not just first sale. Also keep in mind concerning the "word of mouth" factor. If he tells friends and family in regards to you, that's an extra bonus and more sales!


Many business people fear when they provide a deeply discounted offer on their door hangers, folks that live further away will come, use a coupon, and that I never be seen again. Perhaps that's true. But if it's, this means that your product or service is not special enough to allow them to consider returning. Think about it.


Here is a final tip that might help it will save you money when creating more than one version of your door hangers. Door hangers in many cases are printed on letter size cardstock (8.5 x 11.5 inches). The doorway hanger image is repeated either Two or three times on a single sheet and then decline in thirds or perhaps in half after printing. So a thousand sheets will yield either 2000 or 3000 door hangers with respect to the size.


If you provide the printer with two versions of the door hanger, he is able to arrange both on the same sheet and the order can be printed at no extra cost, except perhaps for the next artwork charge to create the second version.


Give this tactic a go and you are sure to see new customers. Good Luck!

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