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Looking for an online shop where you can choose the best fit for your outdoor shed? Shedsdirect is well known of their variety outdoor shed. An able roof sheds for home that is proven for its quality and strength.

Gable roof sheds

they offer many choices that you can check from, Gable roof sheds is the most popular choice amongst shed owners. This type of outdoor shed gives an extra height along the center of the shed that allows for extra space on the headroom. This is ideal for those that need a larger workspace. A gable roof sheds has a width for up to 3.75m, depth of 3.75m, and a height of 1.8m or a door option for up to 2.1m.

Flat Roof Sheds

Flat roof sheds is for the owner that needs a large storage room but has a limited storage facility. This type of outdoor shed saves a lot of space that is ideal for tight spaces. It can be slim or thin, or both. It is great for storing your lawn equipment and many other tools. It has a width of 3.75m, depth of 1.5m and 1.8m wall height.

Off The Wall Sheds

This type of outdoor shed is economical because of its tight outdoor space. If you have a very limited space, this shed is fit for you. Extra room even with a limited space is a great thing to have. Spare things to be store for future use can be store for a while on this shed. It has a height of 1.80m, and a height of 1.95m.

Sliding Sheds

If you want to be more unique and innovative design for your outdoor shed, this kind of shed is the one you can consider. From the convention and standard hinged door, the easy glide features a sliding door made of extruded aluminum and a quality rollers and tracks.

Truss Roof Sheds

Truss roof sheds has a much space for you to do a workshop or studio space in the convenience of your own back yard. This is a best idea if you want to make your back garden to be utilized more and also to afford a space for your own things to do.

Skillion Roof Garden Sheds

This type of outdoor shed allows a taller door height. It features a 2.1m door wall height and has a slope down to a 1.8m wall height. It ensures an effective and efficient water run-off on your roof and allows more space on your headroom.

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