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The article includes a 72-hour short ribs recipe. Check the comments for great ideas, too - including a warning about sous vide-ing bananas (evidently, it's a "don't"). Nuts!

From Popular Mechanics:

The basic elements of a sous vide setup are simple: a way to seal your food in vacuum bags; a water bath to cook the sealed food in; and a way to keep the water at the precise temperature you want for as long as you want. If you do sous vide in a lavish commercial kitchen, you probably do your sealing with a powerful, high-volume chamber sealer, and cook in a water bath heated by an immersion circulator. These components, originally pilfered from science labs by the first sous viders, have now joined the culinary canon, but they're still manufactured to precise tolerances and will set you back a few grand, or a lot of weeks scrounging on eBay. It's possible to whip up magnificent sous-vide meals with significantly less investment, though. Here's a look at what you'll need.


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