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Many years ago I come across a hard to find book by Robert De Ropp - Church of the Earth The ecology of a creative community - it was writings based on Robert  leaving the life of a scientist and going back to the land to grow his own food and develop an experimental community. It was more than just living on the land it was about experimenting on a deeper level with community living and working with body, mind, and spirit.  On my own journeys I became good friends of Sunny and Brooke. Sunny became my mentor and teacher on living a more simple lifestyle and how to build unique hand crafted homes. The video  I created below is  part of a webseries called Earth Heart Series. This episode called Church Of The Earth takes  the main elements of DeRopps work which he termed a ARK which included a Garden, a Temple and a University.  Video includes a rare glimpse with words from Thomas Berry a year before his death. Words we need to hear more than ever. Currently Im seeking a landbase to build such an ARK but not in fear of what is ahead but in celebration of showing the world the need to go back the earth and build a local community of Farm, Food and Friends.  Enjoy the video - Bruce Weaver

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