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About a month ago I noticed my dishwasher was not cleaning my dishes very well and I thought do I need to get another one? Didn't take me long to say no I don't! So I've been washing dishes by hand and loving it. I get to look out my kitchen window and watch the birds and just enjoy the beauty of outside. I've been using my dishwasher as a drainer to air dry my dishes for the time being until I can figure out what to do with the hole when I remove the dishwasher.

Now my microwave went on the fritz and I knew I didn't want another one. Didn't even need to think about it. I only used it to thaw out frozen foods, so now I'm in the remembering process to take something out in the mornings. My shelf that the microwave was on, now holds my recipe books.

I much prefer having the recipe books there instead of the microwave.

My next change is going to be a clothesline. Nope, my dryer is still working but it's time to put up a clothesline here. I've had a clothesline for years until I moved here. I was going to purchase one at my local hardware store but the cost was unreal. Home Depot had a cheaper model but it was just to flimsy. So, I found some plans to use landscape timbers and that will be a much more stable clothesline plus the cost will be less than half. So that's my next project.

Another project for later on is getting a wood burning stove put in here. When I moved here there was a big wood burning stove in the garage that is really nice. I just want to check it out and make sure that it's in good shape inside. If it looks good, I'll have someone install it and next winter will be toasty. But then I wonder if I'll be to hot since I only have my thermostat set at 65 degrees. I'll just open doors and windows. LOL.

I'm also looking for a used grain mill, which I haven't had any luck finding. So probably will have to purchase a new one. I definitely want to grind my own flour.

So those are a few changes in my life, how about you, have changes going on?

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