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**Casting Call**Hampton Roads, VA area Documentary-Please Read and Leave a Comment

Some of you personally know me  to know that I am passionate toward anything my crazy brain decides to embark upon. I have recently sold almost all my drum gear to finance the purchase of camera and video gear. Below is a casting call ad that I have posted around the inter-net and am interested in shooting with some really great folks right here in the Hampton Roads area. If you or anyone you know fits even ten percent of the profiles below please let me know. Please, have a read and a chuckle on me…….I know you’re gonna laugh.


Casting Call-Bring the Farm-An Urban/Sub-Urban Actuality Series

Do you live in an Urban/Suburban area of Hampton Roads?
Are you a current member of a community garden?
Is your garden located on a fire escape or apartment balcony?
Are you currently a grower of most of your families food?
Is food preservation (canning/freezing) atop your growing practices?
Do you currently raise any livestock for meat, eggs, or as pets in your backyard?
Is there a certain political outlook governing your decision to provide as much food as possible from your urban lot?
Do genetically modified (GM) foods and seeds affect your dietary decisions?
Do you feel the State of Virginia and your city need to bend laws regarding controlled livestock in its incorporated cities and towns?

If so, I want to film to you.

From the scissorsanddrumsticks.com blog website comes “Bring the Farm” actuality (documentary) series.
I am looking for 6 to 8 subjects, from families to single, young and experienced. (under 18 need parental release). Come one, come all.
The focus is how your household operates as an Urban/Suburban Farm and to clue in our State and Local Governments what is successfully taking place right here in South-Eastern Virginia. My largest goal for the finished product(s) is to educate our younger generations on gardening skills, food preservation, our eco-system, and how our every move affects our world around us.

I know the term “farm” may seem a bit Grandiose, but what is a farm? Take a long thought on the term, how it affects you and your backyard garden, contact me, and we’ll put it on film.

I have my creative team in place for narrative writing, shot placement, web market, filming, editing, and graphics. My Co-Director is an established playwrite and filmwrite with completed projects under her belt. Keep in mind, this is a Gratis project. Gratis=VOLUNTEER. If, for some crazy reason, a monetary opportunity should arise, compensatory obligations will be met with all involved in this project. Non-monetary compensation will comprise of film credit, copy of finished DVD of the series you “starred” in, & tickets to the release premier.

A bit about me. My name is Kevin, I am a 35 year old married Virginia Beach resident, father of three ranging in age from 2.5yrs. to 12 yrs. I started gardening when I was 13 and hung it up as the fun years dawned upon me. Kids were born and jobs had to be worked to put food on the table leaving no time for gardening with the exception of ornamentals and the lawn. As the years went by, we decided to grow a garden mainly because I missed the sweet taste of warm ripe tomatoes fresh off the vine in the heart of summer. Around the same time I noticed what was really going on with our Nations’ food supply. And now, with the recent S510 Bill Lord knows where and how our food will be handled.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some tree hugging activist, although I don’t thwart against it either. I am just a concerned citizen, husband, father, & community member who wants to shout a message with the help of like minded, or not so like minded people. I want the point of view.

“I’m not some neo-scientist/evolutionist/environmental/eco trendy person. I just want folks to get the message. Grow your own food! It’s fun, educational, therapeutic, good for the kids, and downright healthy and the right thing to do.”

Please respond to the e-mail address below

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Comment by Cornelia on January 26, 2011 at 2:29pm
Sounds like a fun project - good luck!
Comment by Scissors & Drumsticks on January 27, 2011 at 8:35am
Thanks Cornelia. We will be sure to let the Homegrown.org community know when we get the ball rolling.


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