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We have new bunnies being born and more on the way through Easter.  The kits (baby bunnies) that were born last week are show rabbits.  Madison is an avid 4-H’er and loves showing the rabbits she has raised.  Many of these same rabbits will be sold to other folks, interested in high quality show rabbits.  I can say that with confidence, since Madison and Carol have a pretty good track record.  Many (if not most) of the rabbits they sell to others for show, end up in the State Fair line-up or placing in the top-3 (when in open-class contests).


The rabbits due to be born later this month (and beyond) will be sold to area retail stores, such as Runnings in Willmar.  For the most part, these rabbits will be crossbreds or if they are purebred, they are not show quality.


As you can imagine, the weather up here in Minnesota, is cold – down right miserable.  Recently, we have had temps well below 0°F and wind-chills of less than -50°F.  Heck to the yeah, it’s cold!  With that said, the new-born baby bunnies need to come inside where it's warm.  Normally, I wouldn’t stand for it, but…  Carol and I have an understanding… a contract if you will.  Here’s the deal.  As long as there are rabbits in the house, I get my beer (my homemade brew, of course) served to me.  Thanks to my understanding of moderation, I do not consume a beer for ever hour that the rabbits are inside.  YIKES!  Nonetheless, it does make tolerating the squeaky little things much easier.  And for that, I am thankful for rabbits being born.


new born kits

this is one of the several batches of new bunnies


The babies are in nest-boxes that Madison made as part of a 4-H project.  All the hair in the box is from the mother.  She pulls hair just prior to kindling.  If it’s really cold, there will be lots of hair… if it’s fairly warm outside, there will be less hair.




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Comment by Cornelia on January 24, 2011 at 12:36pm
Interesting bit about the mother's hair in the nest - amazing!


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