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For those of you new to my posts, my friend Cheryl and I have started a community garden and urban farm in Baltimore City. This link will take you to the early March section of the blog that shows us meeting with the neighbors to clean the empty lot, start seedlings, and officially break ground!


One of my favorite photos of the garden so far is posted above. It's a peanut plant! I had no idea what the plant or flowers would look like, and it's a lot of fun to tell people we're growing peanuts. We have about 20 in the ground, and they should be ready around late August. The plants in the background are potatoes.


Here is our friend Ms. Haroline walking past the beets:



Ms. Haroline and Cheryl, with the squash plants in front of them:


Another fun experiment I tried was growing winter squash, sorghum, and black-eyed peas in a sort of "Three Sisters" combination. So far the hubbard squash are getting really huge so they're kind of shading out the sorghum! I have another row of just sorghum and black-eyed peas though.



The okra and cucumbers (we're hoping to trellis the cukes using the okra stalks as they get taller). A class of college students recently came to learn about the farm, food security and education, and our community interaction. They also helped us put in a new row and four apple seedlings!:


Soon I'm hoping to get a special "Boone Street" page up on the BaltimoreDIY blog so that people can see how the farm has grown chronologically over the past few months. It's on the To Do list!


In addition to the farm side, we also have two community garden plots (one for individuals and one for community gardening) and a small perennial garden. There are photos on the blog, but too many to re-post here!


So for now you are welcome to click around www.baltimorediy.org as you please, where you'll also find photos of our backyard barnyard of rabbits, chickens, and ducks and other various seasonal recipes and fun times.


Comments, questions, advice, and input are always appreciated! Enjoy the growing season!

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Comment by Heather Skerl Spegal on June 15, 2011 at 1:20pm
I am new to home grown so I've been soaking everything in.  This is wonderful what you are doing! I look forward to reading how your garden progresses through the summer!
Comment by Aliza Ess on June 15, 2011 at 1:50pm
Welcome to HOMEGROWN Heather! And thanks for reading :)


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