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Best Sleeping Position For Pregnancy

Sleeping posture often amounts to discomfiture for pregnant women. If you are a would-be-mother, you should know the right sleeping positions. Often, you end up wrestling on the bed, hunting for the right position that will provide you with the right amount of safety and comfort. A number of restrictions are imposed at this stage and the regular postures for sleeping turn out to be useless. Read on to know the sleeping positions for pregnancy.

The left side

Physicians often advise mothers to sleep on their left. This increases the blood circulation in the body. The baby, too, remains safe within the womb as no pressure is created in that area. The breathing mechanism is also eased up in the process. It is the best position for would-be-mothers to sleep.

The three-quarter position

Women with heavier hips will find this position comfortable. To add to your comfort level, get a maternity pillow for extra support. Place the cushion between the thighs and bend one leg. The other leg should be extended, which will allow the blood to flow freely through the system. This position is recommended as it can relieve the tension of muscles at the joints. You can also place the pillow under your belly or and belly for increased comfort.

Avoid sleeping on your right

It is wise to switch between the left and three-quarter positions. Sleeping on your right may turn out to be problematic, as your inferior vena cava is present in the right side of the body. It is an important artery, which may malfunction if it comes under pressure. However, the blood flow in your baby will not be affected even if you sleep on your right, it will only bring your body under pressure.

Avoid sleeping on your back

Under normal conditions, you have no harm in sleeping on your back, as it enhances the blood circulation. However, avoid this position during pregnancy, particularly after the third trimester. The uterus expands and pressurizes the blood vessels and bladder. This leads to uneasiness and you become restless during your sleep. However, if you are not much bothered about the comfort level, this position is fine. It does not harm the baby inside. You can consider placing a pillow under your feet to raise them a bit.

Well, you need to be careful when you go to bed. Although it is difficult to maintain your posture rigidly during your sleep, a smart practice may work out well. Hopefully you will find these tips beneficial.

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