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Bees, Chickens, and First Harvest Specials

Things are absolutely poppin on the Nola Farm. Since I last checked in with Homegrown big things have happened. First, we finally got our chickens moved into their brand new home on the farm and they are loving life. Plenty of room to run and play, a fresh bed of soil to take dust baths in and a garden full of juicy worms and bugs to eat all day. It's a beautiful thing. They are totally made for farming. The chickens are too light to crush your veggies and as they walk through your beds they scratch the topsoil, fertilize the earth and take care of your pests... and they give you eggs. I'm loving chickens. My daughter Amber spends her weekends wrangling and playing with her girls. She absolutely loves them and they are the most tame chickens I've ever known... honestly though, i haven't known that many chickens. We did end up with two roosters out of the run, one of which Marie has taken a liking to. He's so pretty and a total character.

Another amazing thing is taking place as i sit here, at Nola's bar typing this wordy play by play of last months happenings... we've harvested our first crop and served it to our customers! We did it! We were all so excited the night of our first special. Dave, Alex, and I had dinner and all ordered the special and took pictures (pics I can't display since my accidental plunge in the farm pond with my phone in my pocket.) Maybe I can get a few photos of the special from Alex or Dave and post them here.

Wes, our chef who makes this whole idea work by the way, prepared a mouthwatering dish from our garden harvest. We brought Wes some Purple Top White Globe turnips and heirloom chollards. He put everything together with a homemade parmesian crisp, goat cheese foam, and basil oil. Wes is a genius in the making. He brings the whole shabang together. Not only is he a great chef but he totally understands the importance of what were doing and is so appreciative of every vegetable we bring him. It brings everything back around. Thank you Wes.

Two days ago we had our first staff meeting at the farm. The majority of Nola's employees got their first chance to really get a look at what we've been working on. It felt so good to share this with everyone and to introduce them to what it is that they're all a part of. We love the idea of everyone having the opportunity to be involved in the farm project as much or as little as they choose to be. We are creating a chance for anyone to learn, help, teach, built, start they're own project, or just come and hang around. It's beautiful and I'm in love with it. I want to do this full time. I've really found my calling... who new? Me, a farmer. Our meeting was inspired and led by our GM and dear friend Matt. This was Matt's first trip to 'A' farm let alone 'the' farm and I think he loved it. Once Dave convince him to hold a chicken it was over. My daughter Amber was so helpful. Anyone who wanted to hold one of our girl could ask her and she'd scoop one up and hand it to them. She's so comfortable with them... it's incredible.

This has been the biggest thing I've ever been a part of and it involves everyone. It's been so cool watching everyone fall into this in their own way. Alex is amazing to watch in the garden. She created this gorgeous spiral-garden centerpiece filled with herbs and flowers. She has also assumed full 'bee duty' and she's a natural. Calm and collected, sometimes wearing the most elegant dress she'll pull a wall of bees out of their home and care for them. I feel like she's capable of anything. Dave too... his enthusiasm for this project sometime exceeds my own and it's what I need at times. Dave is so key in all of this. I've worked for alot of people but never have I worked for someone who will enthusiastically jump onboard of your ideas with you. It's not just farming though. Dave finds ways to help people be creative and make a living at it. I can't thank him enough. Really, everyone involved... this project is filled to the top with giving, honest people. I'm blessed.

As for my phone and all of the pictures on it from the past few weeks... we'll have to see if it dries out enough to function normally again. Lesson learned I guess. Don't sit in the tail end of a canoe while it's being docked. Botch. Oh well, the lake felt wonderful and it's just a phone. I'll post new photos soon. In the meantime, stop into Cafe Nola and try a dinner special. Dinners run from 5:30 pm - 9 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Check us out at www.cafe-nola.com.

Till next time

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Comment by Linda on June 10, 2010 at 9:29am
OH an exciting blog page. How wonderful on your farm project and seeing it grow.

Those look like booted bantams, this will be the type of chickens I'll order in spring. I love em. They make great mothers too.

The best to you on your farm project.

tc linda, whos had a couple of dunks in her canoe too. Plus I tossed my cell in my cup of coffee and the pictures were still ok : )


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