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Been awhile, garden kinda sucked, crap has happened.

Been awhile since I did any posting. It's been... a year. My jalepenos did well, my tomatoes okay, and my green and yellow peppers not bad. The experimental eggplant and cabbage, not so good, the corn flopped terribly, the radishes did horrible, the carrots I still can't find. Even the GARLIC that usually does wonderfully failed badly. The butternut squash did okayish, the summer squash a little better, and the zucchini not so hot. The acorn squash tried, and then the blasted squash bugs found them, and that was it for them. Cukes didn't do as well as I would have liked, but they were much better than last year. Onions did fine, got pulled and used fairly early on, the chives did well, as the rosemary seems to be. Thyme died, oregeno still holding on, stevia is kinda iffy (and I don't really know what to do with it anyway). Sage from last year still holding out. I had 2 batches of lettuce and one of cucumbers that didn't even bother with sprouting. The peach tree set fruit, but there weren't any to harvest. Not sure what got those.

However, my boss's garden did great, and he liked to share, so I've got 4 bags of cut sweet corn from him, and several huge cucumbers, likewise zucchini. I've canned about 8 quarts of pickles, several pints of salsa, 3 pints of jalapeno jelly (two eaten already!), and many pints of pear jam, pear syrup, and persimmon syrup.

I didn't get very many walnuts this year, but Mom's pecans border my yard, so I've gotten lots of pecans thus far. No idea yet if they're good or not though! They're drying in the garage, & I'll crack them when I start the nutcracking part of the year. They'll get toasted and tossed in some Tupperware for storage.

Haven't yet checked the main batch of potatos. I'm afraid they've rotted in the ground like the batch I did check, but it's raining so I won't be checking them today. Oh, and I'm home because the boss died at the first part of the month, and the boss lady died last night. The place I was working was possibly just sold, but we don't know if the paperwork was done or not, she didn't leave a will, and I'm home because the store's closed until her brother figures out the legalities of the situation. So, even though I'm home, it's raining, and there will be no potato checking. I have to do dishes to do any more canning, but I'm down to 2 pint jars and insufficient jalepenos to make the hot jelly instead of the freezer jelly anyhow. I should probably do them anyway. Might keep me from screaming. That and the laundry. Busywork to keep me mind off the stress of me maybe-not job...

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Comment by Jennifer on October 29, 2013 at 1:35pm

A lot has happened, indeed. So sorry to hear about the loss of these people close to you and the uncertainty left in their wake. Wish we were a little closer and could leave a pie at your door.


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