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Now that I'm reached the age where I can receive social security, I guess I'm old enough to be a crone. Being of age doesn't seem enough to qualify, however. I've always had an interest in herbs, growing them, and their uses, but of late I feel moved to learn even more about the making of remedies and using herbs more liberally in my cooking. Being handy with herbal remedies and such seems to be a wisdom I should have to be a true crone. 

I've been reading The Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook by James Green as well as exploring the value of lunar planting. Anyone out there who has any bits of knowledge to share about herb lore, please, let's begin a conversation.

I can't promise that I'll faithfully and regularly add to my blog, but when the spirit moves me. 

My blessing to all....much love and happiness always!

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