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This dry weather is making for extra duties!  Beans are abundant and there is no rust problems, (yet).  The guinea chicks are all over the yard with their momand so are the chicken chicks! 

This has been a good year to put a well in because of the dryness.  If you can get water when it is this dry then it should be a good supply for many years.  Our problem now is the well tiles are much heavier than we expected.  One Ton apiece!  So we will not be transporting them ourselves.  We are looking into doing a smaller size tile but my husband says then you don't have the back up water supply one needs to insure good water at all times?  The well would have to be deeper also, which is doable, just requires a bigger area to be excavated.

The meadow is growing!  Hoping to have piglets and goats foraging it next year to create the pasture and garden areas.

The hillside where the housing goes is still being looked at for where we should begin to open things up.

My granddaughter and I went exploring the stream the other day.  Signs of fox, racoon and muskrat.  Didn't find any dens.  I think we were in the area where they all feed because we saw lots of little fish in the water.

Gotta go water the garden!

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