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Anyone looking to join an sustainable community?

howdy all,

I am new to homegrown.org, but not to farming and country living.  I am part of a small intentional community  called Windward in south central Washington (near white salmon and Klickitat for those who are familiar).   

For the past twenty 24 years folks have been living on this land, and working to create a self-reliant rural village on marginal land. 

We are united with the belief that now is the time for radical change, and that there's no more convincing an argument than a working model of a better way.

We're up to a lot, as we work in various areas, not just agriculture, to meet our core needs from the land with each other.

We have newsletter/blog that's been ongoing for more than two decades, where we've record the ups and doing, ins and outs of community life, and our research into permaculture, alternative energy, animal husbandry, and everything in between. 

With the land paid off, and loads of infrastructure in place. We're in the process of transitioning the community from the first generation of founders, to the next generation of stewards who will take this project into the future. 

I am 24 and have been living at Windward for the past 4 years. I am part of that new generation, along with a handful of other "twenty-somethings"; living working, laughing and loving together,  making a life together.

While Windward has been around for a long season (over 30 years as a community) there still remains a huge amount of potential for growth and evolution in the community. Both with the land and with the people.

We've accumulated a lot of knowledge, tools, and resources needed to assist us in turning potentials into realities.  What we seek now are people like YOU who want to help us make it happen.

We are looking for those rare individuals who genuinely want to take on the challenges (and reap the rewards!) of living closely with a small group of savy, compassionate, and committed people working diligently to realize their dreams of living rightly with one another and with nature.

Interested? visit us at, and start a conversation




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Comment by Ginny Hopper on December 9, 2012 at 12:43am

Greetings Andrew, It's so nice to know you and your group at Windward are out there. I'm up in the San Juan Island area of Washington State. I have been very busy the last 2 years and don't spend much time on this site. I have been following Dancing Rabbit, an Eco-Village out in Missouri and have checked out one other Eco-Village out on the Olympic Peninsula. I have thought that if things with the economy get worse I might sell my home and move onto a sustainable community.



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