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Almost done with the fencing outback,next onto the shed

Almost done with putting the fence up outback,all i have to do now is re-condition the land that is within the fence.I'm doing it all by hand too,no tractors or anything,just using a round-point shovel,a metal rake,and a garden hoe.After this is finished,it's onto the old chicken coop,it needs alot of work,but nothing is ever impossible.It needs two new walls-sheets of texture 1-11 plywood siding or just a regular sheet of plywood should work.But before this is even started,It needs to be cleaned out,there is junk in it right now.well not really "junk" but a bunch of scrap wood,metal pluming pipes,a old tire off the jeep,a old gas can,a silhouette of a cowboy,part of a old gutter off the front of my house,and just old stuff we don't really use or need anymore.There is also a hole in the floor which can be fixed relatively cheap.I plan on cutting one of the beams 3/4 of the way up,so that there is about 2 feet left of it,then supporting it with a 2x4.Soon after this is complete it has to be measured for a door.It will be re-conditioned for use as a storage shed for the riding mower,the push mower,and some tools.and where the lawnmowers used to be stored will be put to use as a small barn for more chickens and a couple roosters.In about roughly a week or so it should be complete and back in business :-).

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