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Advanced Practice RN's in the Home Health Care Arena

This paper discusses that there is an urgent need for APRN services in the home health care environment and suggests ways of meeting this need.

There is an urgent need for quality home care that exceeds the minimum expectations of patients and their families. The author points out that there is a dearth of data relating to the specific training, planning and placing advanced practice nursing talent in home health care situations. The paper suggests that the medical staff train the advanced practice nurses in home care and they, in turn, will teach families how to give good care to their loved ones. Table of Contents Introduction Identification of the Phenomenon.

Review of Literature Relevant Literature Appropriate for The Qualitative Study Planned Integrating Advanced Practices Nurses into Home Care Environments Effects of a Relationship-Enhancing Program of Care on Outcomes Validity and Community-Health Nursing Sensitivity of Six Outcomes for Community Health Nursing with Older Clients Review: Prenatal Home Visitation by Nurses through Infancy Effect of Prenatal and Infancy Home Visitation Home Health Care: Improving Quality, Tightening Standards A Case Study in Care: APRN Home Nursing Service A Practical Guide to Caring for Caregivers.

After all, NPs have a "proven efficacy in health promotion, early identification, and prevention of complications," as well as patient compliance and education - so, it is a logical argument to bring advanced practice nurses into the home care environment, and in order to plan for the future, more specifically targeted nursing teaching programs are proposed as a solid strategy for integrating primary care by NPs into the home care genre.

The growth of home care services was tremendous between 1988 and 1995, as the number of Medicare home health visits jumped from 37 million to 252 million. Money spends through Medicare home health care visits also leaped during that period - from $2.1 billion to about $16 billion, which is the fastest-growing budget item in Medicare.

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