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A Little Hard Work Never Killed Anyone (But It Sure Made 'Em Sore)

**cross-posted from my blog, Semi-Farmed Kind of Life, that highlights my family's adventures as we establish our own organic subsistence farm in NE Ohio. If you enjoy it, please subscribe and tell a friend. **


I woke up today to screaming thighs. It's astonishing how out of shape you can get over a long winter while working a desk job. Fortunately, I've got several free days left to get back in the swing of things, so long as the weather cooperates.

Friday I managed to knock out all the run-of-the-mill chores like laundry and returning things to the library, so I can get down to the business of growing and building things around this place. My father brought over what will soon be my compost bin and as soon as I get the brush cleared from where it is going to go, setting it up will only take a few minutes.

This weekend was a busy one, with Saturday as our lazy day and Sunday for working. I spent my Mother's Day exactly how I wanted: part of it with my mom and dad, and the rest with my family at the homestead, doing what we do around here when the weather is nice. Working.

Our basketball hoop, grill and gardening tools have been released from their winter's imprisonment in the barn and taken up their rightful places in the yard. I've been hard at work builiding my empire of dirt on the back porch since the garden is still to muddy to plow. At least there will be green and food close to home and I can say I got my garden in while on vacation, even if it is the one in planters and not all the interesting things going into the larger plot eventually.

There are two types of lettuce in my porch, one yet to sprout and one as micro-greens. We've also got garlic chives in the old planter from our apartment days, some lemon balm in its own little pot, and the remainder of the Blue Lake bush beans from my February experiment giving it another go, this time out doors. I've also laid out a rough outline for a kitchen herb garden with pavers I found throughout the yard, complete with a space at the rear of it for my cold frame. Food's gonna be everywhere at this place.

I still have four large planters on the porch to fill, which were home to our tomatoes last year. I'm considering some dwarf blueberries, but have no idea how they'd overwinter in containers. (Any ideas?)

Mom and dad came last night with the partions that we'll be building into our chicken coop here. I'm very excited to get that project underway! My neighbor laughed a little as we unloaded the pieces from the pickup truck, saying now he'll be surrounded by eggs, since the farm's on the other side of him. I reminded him that at least he'd never have to worry about going hungry, which he seemed pretty excited about. I think he's owed a loaf of bread and some eggs for his patience when we get this all done.

Today my mom and I are off on a road trip to the Wayne County Habitat for Humanity Restore, looking for some windows and a door for the coop. Our hope is to find what we need at a reasonable price and help others with our purchase. The big box stores are a last resort.

It's gonna be an action-packed week here at the Semi-Farm. I've got big plans! Stay tuned for pictures and updates on all my adventures during my brief sabbatical from paid employment. :)

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