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8 Accessories You Should Always Keep In Your Bar

A home bar is that one corner of the home which can either be your own solitary nook or can mean your rise to becoming a social butterfly if you mean to entertain. A home bar gives you the freedom to entertain at your own whims and fantasies without having to splurge an exorbitant sum at the bar. It can also mean that you get to mix your own drinks, have your own conversation and do everything at your own pace.

Now, these days, almost all homes have a stylish plan and a layout. Many a times, this includes a new feature or two. Young couples who now own homes are big fans of entertaining and also indulging themselves every once in a while. This calls for a home bar. But, once you have figure where exactly you want it, what kind of material you want it to be made out of etc., the next step is to buy the bar accessories set and the liquor.

Once you’ve stocked up on all the alcohol you need, the next step is to think of the entire bar essentials, equipments and accessories that you have to bring home. But, do you know what exactly you should keep in your home bar to call it well-stocked? We have put together a list of bar accessories for home which you should always have.

Let’s go through it:


One of the most important things in just about any kind of home bar set has to be the glasses. Now, there is more than one variety of glasses which is an absolute essential for the bar. These glasses may range from whiskey glasses, shot glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes, wine goblets, rum glasses etc.

Without glasses, the wine set is quite not what it should be.


The next big thing is an ice bucket. Ice is needed for any drink from a whiskey sour to a whiskey on the rocks etc. A fashionable ice bucket, preferably one made of stainless steel like what retailers such as Arttdinox sell.

Cocktail shaker-

If you are a fan of cocktails, a martini or a pina colada or even a bloody Mary, then the one thing you should definitely have is a cocktail shaker.

Cocktail accessories-

Further, there are other bar accessories for home such as a cork screw, a lime twister, grater etc. which should also be kept as part of your set. They help you make different drinks, also, always keep a knife handy.


If you don’t like those stubborn wine rings on your beautiful mahogany, the best solution to this problem would be to buy coasters. They keep your bar clean which means less work for you later.

Wine holder-

If you are not much of a whiskey drinker and wine is your thing, buy a beautiful stainless steel wine holder and pack your wine away easily.

Bottle opener-

You might just overlook it but what else are you going to use to open that beer can?


While it’s not used to serve drinks in, a bowl is another essential since no matter what you’re drinking, snacks such as peanuts or salted cashews are served just about all the time.

You can buy any of these bar accessories for home online, preferably in stainless steel for their durability from retailers.

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