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7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscape Designer

If you have a noticeable large garden, thenceforth you certainly would desire to have it decorated to improve its natural beauty or add up to its existing desirability.  But then again, for the majority people, every time they take notice of the words landscaping and landscape design, they instantly associate it with the wealthy and the famous, with stunning gardens that are as full-sized as parks. But no matter what the size of your garden may be, it will surely benefit from a professional landscaping service.

Landscaping your home is no doubt a daunting task that often you find it hard even to know how to begin. If you are going to do it all by yourself, you can quickly run out of landscape design ideas before you even get started with the actual work. That is why it is often to your benefit to just hire a landscape contractor, at least to help you with thinking of the best approach to decorating your garden or home.

Hence in selecting the first class landscaping service, you will need to inquire some questions and do several research as well. Because not just will you be paying a substantial amount of your money on that service, but that the magnificence of your garden will be touched as well.

1. How long have you been in landscaping business?

Experience has a lot to do in the landscaping business. Ask your potential landscaper how many years has he been doing this kind of job. Usually, a decade of experience is more than enough to give your trust to that particular contractor.

2. Can I look at your portfolio?

A good landscaper should be keeping a collection of his previous jobs. These are mostly photos of the houses and gardens he had executed his landscaping services. Even though pictures can say lots of things regarding the real project, it is often an adequate amount to measure the competencies of the landscape.

3. Can I contact your previous clients?

Again, a confident landscaper should have no inhibitions in giving you the contact details of his former clients. You should do this so that you can get a first-hand testimonial from people who have hired him. While it is expected that he will give you the clients that he had satisfactorily served, you can still gain a lot of insight by talking to these people.

4. How will soil be prepared before planting or installing grass?

The majority of soils in the city and residential areas have been dilapidated down and compressed by years of construction and foot traffic. They require additional nutrients and untying to breed healthy plants or grass. However, this adds price up front; it’s a valuable investment to keep away from future problems.

5. How long will you think it will take to finish the job?

There are two things why this is an important question. One need to have an idea of how long it will take the service provider to complete the landscaping task, so you will have knowledge of how much you will be paying him. That is if he is to be paid by the hour. Another thing is for you to put your home for the rigorous tasks of landscaping a garden and a larger part of your home.

6. Can you give me a detailed quotation?

You have to understand from the beginning how much you will be paying for that landscaping service. This is so that you will not go over your budget and spend on otherwise unnecessary expenses. The worst thing that could happen is that for you to run out of money in the middle of the landscaping work.

7. How much preservation will it take to keep the garden looking good?

Different designs of gardens and plants demand very various levels of upkeep. Be sincere with your landscape designer concerning how much maintenance you are keen to commit — either your time or that of an employed gardener — going forward. As Soon as you’ve invested in employing a landscape designer and setting up a garden, you’ll like to keep your landscape alive and doing well for years to come. Enquire from your landscape designer if he or she has suggested maintenance landscape gardener or professional to take care of the garden going forward.  

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