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6 Perfect Reasons to Meditate During Your Morning Hours

Meditation is an incredibly powerful state of mind which can be used for numerous benefits. It helps us calm our minds, think straight, and reconnect with our higher selves. If you want to have a successful day, you need to build it that way. If you’d meditate each morning, there’s an incredibly big chance that your life will bring more joys and positive vibes.
However, meditation is too complex to explain through words. Most people try. They even believe that they’re “right”, and so they begin preaching. However, meditation is a unique state of mind that connects us to the metaphysical environment. We’re detaching ourselves from our bodies. We become observers. We see how nature happens and how everything just is.

Let me give you a strong imagination example. Has it ever happened to you to walk on the street without paying attention to anything whatsoever, without having any thoughts or noise in your mind? You were simply being…existing. That’s what meditation is. The ability to ditch our egos and internal voices for a moment and simply observe the present moment without associating, interpreting, or judging anything that we see, hear, or feel.
Now we should turn back to the main topic of today’s post. If you truly understand the power of meditation, you’ll obviously agree that a daily meditation practice during the morning hours would be extremely beneficial to many aspects of your life. Professional, personal, mental, spiritual…there are many.

As a matter of fact, in today’s article, we’re exploring only six of them. Let’s dive in:

1. Spiritual Connection

I believe that the most important benefit of meditation is the ability to connect to our “higher selves”. You see, the real “I” is a higher concept; it goes beyond our flesh and skins. Once you understand that, you can seek the “you” beneath the surface. Might be hard to understand at first, but just give it more than just a few thoughts.

Now – starting your morning with a few minutes of meditation will help you start the day with higher awareness. When you can let go of your body and experience what people call a “meditative state of being”, the tasks that seemed daunting yesterday will turn into a play.

2. Destroys Stress

I guess that everyone must have heard of the fact that meditation eliminates or reduces stress. It has been proven countless times. And it does not just stress that it’s banishing. It’s also the anxiety that most people face for various reasons. Meditating daily will turn you into a less-worried person. You’ll be able to connect to the present moment more frequently, therefore your thoughts will disappear.

When there are no negative thoughts, the stress is inexistent. Moreover, while meditating you can also organize your priorities according to your current circumstances. You can eliminate certain thoughts and welcome or prioritize others.

3. Improves Focus During the Day

Do you want to be productive during the day? Most people would say yes. Yet, most of them would skip the meditation practice and expect the same result. That’s not possible. Meditation is a strong state of mind, which if cultivated consistently during your mornings, will result in higher levels of focus. That’s a proven fact.

Let’s look at it this way: when you calm your mind, eliminate the rushing thoughts, and focus on the important, you’re basically more focused. Right? It’s as simple as that. No garbage in the mind means more focus on the essential goals and objectives of our subconscious minds.

As a resume writer at CareersBooster, I’m always looking for ways to improve my focus throughout the day. Meditating daily helps me relieve every possible stress, destroy any negative thought and emotion, and prioritize the most important assignments for the day. Believe it or not, I finish my work in 3 hours instead of 8, and I reap the benefits of a stress-free lifestyle.

4. Improves Your Conscious Awareness

Have you ever stumbled upon individuals that had a very strange yet interesting vibe? It’s like their energies are so strong that they’re throwing different feelings at you. Well, you see, in this world, there are certain individuals who are very aware of certain facts that most of us don’t know. When you have awareness, you are set towards the path of becoming a wise person.

That means being able to control everything that’s going on with your thoughts, emotions, and energies. You become one with your higher self and you’ll shine in this universe. Many monks achieve that by meditating consistently. Anyways, you don’t need to have the awareness of a monk. Follow your path and try to seek the spiritual understandings more often than you do now.

5. Better Problem Solving

When your mind is clear, your brain will work perfectly like it’s supposed to work. Mind and brain are two different concepts. Your mind is your everything while your brain is the engine of your human body. It is material just like your human body.

Eliminate the clutter from your mind by welcoming silence that comes with the present moment. Each morning, declutter yourself from the limitations you have. Eliminate what’s hurting you by embracing it fully.

What does it all have to do with problem-solving? Well, as your subconscious mind is rested, your conscious mind can work without hassle. Whenever you face random challenges throughout the day, anxiety will no longer kick in. Stress will be non-existent, and your ability to focus on solving those problems totally improves.

6. Improves Your Internal and External Relationship(s)

If you meditate, your relationships will improve. I have already approached the “me” and “I” subject; the difference between the two notions. Now – the relationship with your higher self is extremely important. Your relationship with God (or however you may call it) will reach new heights and will have a tremendous impact over on your overall being.
The relationships with your external environment such as friends, family, or other personal and professional connections will be easier to build and maintain. By being a calm person who is also aware of his circumstances, you will draw the attention of others. You will be perceived as someone “nice” or “pleasant”.

Moreover, if you meditate daily, you will be able to manage your emotions much more efficiently. You will also become more emphatic. Therefore, you’ll be able to develop a strong rapport with the people you communicate with.


My humble personal opinion is that everyone should meditate. It would make the world a better place. Imagine everyone to be calm, calculated, positive, and helpful. No stress, no negativity, no disempowering feelings at all.

Here’s one more secret that probably no one is going to tell you: meditation is a general state of mind which you cultivate consistently by seeking knowledge and by experiencing that knowledge through action. So it sticks with you. Once you gain a certain level of awareness, you’ll always have that awareness within you. The more you awaken the more you’ll access meditative states on a frequent basis. On the street, in the office, at home, on vacation, and basically everywhere.

But how? Again. Seek knowledge and apply it. Where’s that knowledge? That’s something you must seek on your own. Quite frankly, everything is already known by you. All you need to do is find the ways to access it and going for it.

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