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6 Local Delicacies You Must Try When Relocating to Sydney

The spectacular Opera House and stunning harbour aren't the only delights Sydney has to offer. If you’ve taken time to explore Sydney - especially the colourful markets – you’ll more than likely have interacted with the locals and heard them talking about some of their local delicacies. Certainly, there are many you should try when relocating to Sydney. You’ll come to find that Australians generally love their food, so you’ll benefit from following their lead and trying all there is to sample.

So, if you’re wondering where to eat in Sydney and what the local delicacies are, you could find this a bit tricky at first. This is because the city boasts a wide range of restaurants, offering a diversity of food from across the globe – much of which isn’t necessarily considered traditional ‘Aussie’ fayre. This definitely reflects the multicultural face of modern Australia. The food types listed here are amongst the best local delicacies Sydney has to offer, so you make sure you try them in due course. 


It’s fair to say that Aussies are major carnivores. Interestingly, top of the list for favourite meats to consume is kangaroo. You might ordinarily think of this marsupial as being one to take pictures of and show them to your kids. However, you'll find this meat served in most Sydney restaurants. Notably, kangaroo is a lean red meat that’s highly nutritious and therefore good for you. It is tender, delicious and recommended alongside a tasty marinade to make it even more succulent. You can even find it readily available in supermarkets (if you want to cook it yourself). What’s more, there are a number of ways to prepare it.

Snow egg

This is Sydney's most iconic and celebrated dessert, guaranteed to round off any meal perfectly. Although Quay (the restaurant renowned for this delicious dish) is set to retire this from their current menu, it’s still possible to find other places where you can enjoy sumptuous snow egg.

To go through life without savouring snow egg would be to deprive yourself. Its method of preparation is complex and often used to test finalists in various cooking competitions. In the hands of a potential ‘Masterchef’ though, the end result is sheer bliss. The process involves the use of poached meringue, maltose tuiles, custard apple ice cream, as well as a few other select ingredients.


This delicacy is made from a mixture of various vegetables and yeast extracts with spice additives. The result is a dark brown paste, eaten on bread or toast. It is a common food in Australia, which you'll no doubt discover after just a couple of days. It’s flavour and texture make Vegemite an acquired taste, with some people either loving or loathing it. However, you should try it at least once to make your own mind up. It is highly nutritious, while there are many ways you can incorporate it into your kids' diet.


Before making the move to Australia, search for the best outlets where you can purchase Vegemite and taste this local specialty for yourself. Also, you can learn more about emigrating to Australia and what cuisine awaits you. 

Meat Pies

You’ll no doubt be well acquainted with meat pies - especially if you’re relocating from the United States or UK. However, Sydney's meat pies are a different story altogether. They are considered signature snacks to eat ‘on the go’ and you can find many variations across the city. In fact, there are special shops dedicated to pies in Sydney - as there are all over Australia. Supermarkets also display hot and well-prepared pies too.

Witchetty grubs

Witchetty grubs are large wood-eating larvae. They have a nutty-flavoured taste, which visitors attest to being extremely delicious. They are sourced from the root of plants and are high in protein. As a delicacy, these grubs have been enjoyed by aborigines for thousands of years, though more recently, many people struggle with the thought of eating them raw (which is the common practice).


Emu is another indication of how much Australians love their meat, though this flightless bird contains more iron than is found in beef. It is significantly low in cholesterol and is even used as a popular pizza topping. It can be served smoked or cold. Whichever the preference, it goes exceptionally well with red wine and sun-dried tomatoes, making emu as tasty as it is nutritious.


Whilst in Sidney, you'll never short of delicacies to eat – whether appetizers, main courses or desserts. The city boasts world class chefs that serve the very best of whatever your palate required. The delicacies featured here are just some of the dishes locals call their own, though more can be found in the menus of Sydney’s many popular restaurants. 

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