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5 Ultimate tips to Get Your Bedroom Linen Closet Sorted

Linen closets are an essential part of the house because the linen is used in a house on daily basis. When you have linen you will need a proper place to store them so that you can access them easily whenever you want without any difficulty.

The linen closets are used to store spare blankets, bathroom supplies, and sheets. It is not easy to keep the linen closet organized and clean. If you are not careful then the linen closet can become messy pretty quickly.

Here are a few tips that will allow you to keep the linen closet in the best condition.

Create Different Zones:

If you want to make sure that the linen you store is easy to access then you need to make sure that you store them properly. The best way of keeping the closet in best condition then you need to store different things separately. The towels should have a separate shelf while double duvet 13.5 tog should have a separate shelf while sheets should have a separate storage space. If you just put everything in one place then the duvets will fall out as you are trying to take out just a towel. When there is a separate storage space for different things in the closet then they will be easy to access and you will not need to re-arrange the closet every time you take something out.


The linen closets are small, deep and dark. It can be difficult to keep it organized if you are unable to see what is stored inside the closet. If you want to clearly see where every item is stored and whether it is properly stored or not then you should install lighting on the closet. You can light it up by simply putting some LED tap lights at the front of every shelf. They are durable and affordable.

Iron The Linen:

If you want the linen closet to be neat and tidy then you should iron the linen before you store them in the closet. Ironing the linen will make it easier to keep the closet organized and give it a neat look. It will also allow you to make the best use of the storage space available in the closet. The linen that is properly pressed takes less space than the ones that are not ironed. They are easy to fold as well.

Purge The Closet:

It is possible that you are storing worn out and old linen in the closet instead of just throwing them away. If your linen closet is running out of space then you should take some time and purge the closet so that you can make space for the items that you actually use. Throw away old towels and other mismatched and overused linen and you will find it easier to keep the closet from becoming a mess.


Labeling the shelves is also a great idea for keeping the linen closet organized. you can label the shelves so that you know where your summer blankets or bathrobes are stored.

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