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5 Tips for Kids’ Room Decoration and Bedding Selection

Home decoration is certainly an exciting and challenging task for a homemaker. You have to consider your personal aesthetic senses and also the preferences of the other members of the family so that everyone can enjoy the interior decoration. If you have kids, then decorating their bedroom can be a little tricky. Instead of class and sophistication, you have to think about creating an environment that oozes fun and frolic. From the bedding to the painting of the wall, everything must be designed very carefully so that your little one loves his or her room and gets a peaceful sleep at night. Here are some kids’ room decorating ideas.

Add some wall decals: It may not be a viable option to paint the children’s room right now due to monetary issues or you may not want to go through the hassles of painting. In that case, you can just add some peel-and-stick decals to the walls. As the kid grows older, you can remove the decals and paint the walls in future.

Select a proper bed and bedding: When you have more than one child at home, it is wise to buy two separate beds instead of a double bed. Each kid has his own preferences about bed cover, pillow cover, and even the blanket. So, when they have separate beds, it is easier to pick bedding items as per their choice. Also, you can buy the most suitable mattress for your kid as per his or her sleeping habits. You can read online mattress reviews to decide if you should buy memory foam mattress or spring mattress for your little one.

Maximize the space: If the bedroom is small, then place the bed against the wall, at a corner. This way you will have lots of open space and also the kid will be less afraid of the imaginary monsters under the bed. Since at least two sides of the bed will be enclosed by the wall, the youngster will feel more secure and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Add a space for study: Your toddler will grow up in the coming years and thus, a separate space for studying is required. Since you have placed the bed against the wall and created a lot of open floor space, you can buy a desk and a chair to make sure he can read his school books comfortably. You can also buy a colorful table lamp to provide ample light during homework and enhance the visual appeal of the desk.

Install open shelves: Use the wall opposite the bed to install some open shelves. Your kid will obviously have some books and many toys over the years; therefore, a space to store all these items is necessary. The benefit of open shelves is that anyone can see where the objects are kept on the shelf. Keep the same type of items together so that your child can learn the organizational skills from you. Gradually, the youngster will start picking up his toys and books after the playing time or study time is over, and he will keep them at the predetermined racks.


As a parent, it is your duty to keep an eye on the physical and mental well being of your beloved son or daughter. Follow the Interiors Design Ideas For Small Space advice mentioned above and buy a top quality mattress from renowned bedding stores to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

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