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5 Practices to Avoid While Dealing with Food

Running a business is never easy because there are a lot of things that need your attention. A business can get into a lot of trouble even if one aspect of business is not doing well. In food business you attain customers by offering the best food. Whether you are running a restaurant, bakery or a food retail business you need to make sure that your first focus is quality of food.

In food business you need to follow some safety regulations to make sure that the food you are offering is safe and clean. It is important that you are careful about the safety of the food while cooking, handling and storing the food products. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid while handling food.

Tasting to check spoilage:

If there are food products in the refrigerator that have been there for some time and you are not sure whether they are good to use or not, you should never taste to check it. It is a terrible idea because the bacterium that spoils food does not always taste bad or even smell bad. Tasting the food can become the cause food poisoning even if it is a little bit contaminated.

Keeping raw meat and fresh produce in same place:

The biggest mistake people make while handling food is using the same plate for raw meat and vegetables or fruits. If you keep these two different types of food products in the same place then there is a high chance of cross food contamination. The raw meat carries a lot of food-borne pathogens that can spread easily.  Make sure that you store the raw meat in a separate section whether you are storing them in upright freezer, chest freezer or a cold room.

Be careful while washing the meat because the water can contaminate other foods as well so be careful about the spills on the counter.

Thawing on counter:

Never thaw the food on the counter because if you do that you are just spreading germs and bacteria on the counter. If you are careful about thawing then you could end up spreading food-borne pathogens all across the counter and it will ruin the quality of food. The best way of thawing food is to put it in refrigerator or put it in water. Using a microwave is also good option.

Not washing hands:

It is important to keep your hands clean because if they are not clean then you will be transferring germs to the food. Wash your hands before handling food. When you are handling meat you can use disposable gloves that you can just throw out after using.

Ignoring the counters clean:

You need to be extra careful about food preparation as well. All the food preparation counters should be clean. The kitchen linen that you choose should be the best quality and they need to be washed regularly. Use should not wipe your hands or utensils with the same kitchen towels that you use for cleaning the counters. 

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